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Between sickness and snow days, January came in like a lion, leaving many of you playing catch up in the month of February. However, when you do get back on your feet, February is a great time to begin scheduling trial and pilot programs for technologies you are considering for next school year.

Don't forget about our loaner program that give you the opportunity to try out our technologies for 30 days to see if they are the right solution for your classroom! In addition to the many technologies we loan out for free trials, GradeCam offers a free 60-day pilot program for schools to try out sharing assessments and data between schools and within the district. James Bowie High School recently detailed how they became a national model PLC school using GradeCam, and their case study - complete with data, of course - really is AMAZING!

In addition, we're offering a free Try-and-Buy for Boxlight ProColor flat panels - first come, first served. Take advantage of this no-obligation free trial and awesome pricing if you do decide to purchase!

We are always ready to investigate new products that make classroom life more efficient and more effective, and Dustin will be heading to TCEA next week to see what interesting things he can find! Let us know if we can be of any assistance as you are planning technology purchases for next year, whether it be designing new buildings or simply brainstorming different solutions to solve a current classroom problem. 

--The ET Team  


The Power of Teamwork Benefits Kansas School

It’s no secret that schools benefit from the power of teamwork. However, a recent visit by ET Team members and a team from Boxlight to Hoisington, Kansas school district USD #431, is proof that there’s power in a team approach to educational technology.  Hoisington USD #431, recently built a new building and, after a year of…

The Biggest GradeCam Myths – BUSTED!

The ET Mythbusters have been hard at work busting the biggest GradeCam myths. So, shed those preconceived notions and join us in wading through the top GradeCam myths and taking a closer look at GradeCam, a teacher’s best friend. More importantly, you don’t have to just take our word for it. GradeCam offers a 30-day…

DEAR ET: Is There A Best Practice to Share Mimio Lessons?

We recently received the following question on how to best share Mimio lessons with colleagues. DEAR ET:  Each teacher on my 4th grade team is creating a MimioStudio presentation for different topics so that we can divide and conquer our upcoming Mimio lessons. I have documents that go with my presentation (and a movie) and…

Boxlight Try And Buy Offer: Don’t Miss Out!

This Try and Buy offer lets you try a 75” Boxlight ProColor interactive display free for 30 days. When you fall in love with its easy convenience and brilliant picture, buy it for the price of a 70” display! Brilliant Learning and Collaboration From the Front Row to the Back. Students will see everything with…
  • Discover insightful and actionable information for improving effectiveness, efficiency, and communication from Tech & Learning’s recent survey of over five hundred teachers, principals, and administrators in their latest whitepaper - Understanding the Classroom Assessment Gap.

  • Snowflake 5.6, the latest version of the collaborative software used on Clear Touch Interactive flat panel displays, was released this month.Two big features are Poll, a student response system accessed by student devices, and a dyslexic font for lessons to increase readability for people with dyslexia. 

  • Seeing really is believing when it comes to how easy MimioStudio is to use in the classroom. These videos will give you great insight into MimioStudio, and you can sign up to try it free for 30 days!

  • The Boxlight portable STEM lab is one of the many items we have available in our loaner program. Contact us to request a 30-day trial and make sure to download Mimio's "The Big Guide to STEM" for best practices, resource lists, a how-to guide for creating lessons and more!

  • If you missed FETC, Clear Touch Interactive gives you an FETC 2018 recap in these videos!

Black History Month

February is Black History Month! With this Black History timeline, student learn about events that have shaped our country and many people that have had a great impact.  ...more info

Valentine Color Rhyme Song

As you sing this song, students fill in the color that rhymes with each key word. Check to see if they are right by dragging the colored heart out of the Valentine Box.  ...more info


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