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Christmas in the time of Covid.

From the many, many responses to my question last week, I know that most of us are looking at a holiday season very different from years past. For some, their usual large family gatherings have been pared down to immediate family only (like mine). For others, who have lost a loved one this year, any celebration is tempered by grief.

My wish for all is a safe and healthy holiday sprinkled with moments of joy and gratitude and hope for the return of better times in the coming year. My heart is with you all. Thank you for being part of my life.

CUPID TO THE RESCUE – Three Things, part III

This week’s authors are Matt Buchman (writing as M.L. Buchman) and Lisa Mondello. I enjoyed reading both of these stories. Hope you will, too.

The Russian Bear Dog on Matt’s cover does NOT belong to him. That breed apparently requires a dedicated and expert handler. Matt says, “Let’s just say I’m more of a cat person.” 😉

Matt’s 3 things you should know about his book are:


  1. The "hero" of Heart of a Russian Bear Dog is, no surprise, a Russian Bear Dog (also a Caucasian Shepherd or Ovcharka), one of the very largest breeds anywhere.
  2. This is the second short story (+3 novels) in the on-going White House Protection Force series, which all star dogs (many in the Secret Service).
  3. I first fell in love with writing military war dogs in my Henderson's Ranch series...all at the prompting of a fan who assists Lackland Air Force Base's training center for MWDs.


The dog in Lisa Mondello’s story is based on her beloved beagle, Nike, who was the inspiration for “Cupid,” who is a girl.

Lisa’s 3 things you should know about her book are:

CHASING CUPID by Lisa Mondello

  1. I love animals and every pet I've ever owned was one that adopted me because they needed a home. It's the same for Cupid.
  2. A tri-color beagle named Nike owned me and my family for 14 years. Nike is the inspiration for the beagle in my story.
  3. I saw a movie years ago with a heroine with the name Montana. I have been waiting for the right story to write using Montana (Tana) as a heroine's name.

Don’t forget to treat yourself during this hectic time of year. If you grab the preorder for only 99¢, the book will appear like magic on release day, which should be a huge pick-me-up after the post-holiday blues. And, please share the love—and links.

Pre-order CUPID TO THE RESCUE here!

My youngest granddaughter, Della Rose, turned 4 this week. She’s such a cool kid. I feel very blessed to be able to watch her grow up, since she lives next door to me. Plus, I call her my little duckling because the midwife was late and I was there to catch her when she slipped into this world. Some moments are too precious to ever forget.

Last week's Q&A was: Has the pandemic changed your holiday plans? Yes or No.

I wrote that question knowing that our planned RV getaway was on the bubble. Sure enough, the day before we were set to leave for Morro Bay, we got word that our campsite would not be available due to the statewide “Stay At Home” orders.

I was pretty bummed. I needed an ocean fix. This video from last year had to suffice. Hope it helps you, too.

My four randomly selected winners this week are:

  1. Judith Lasseigne
  2. Rose Harness
  3. Rita (kit3247)
  4. Sahar

(Judith, Rose, Rita and Sahar congrats. Please email me your pick of either a $5 Starbucks or a $5 Amazon gift card.)


No Q&A this week since I don’t plan to send a newsletter on Christmas Eve, but there will be one on New Year’s Eve.

With love and good wishes,


Next: Three Things, part 4, maybe some new recipes I’m going to try…we’ll see.



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