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Lucy's Personal Update:

Greetings everyone! Big warm thanks to everyone who read last week's newsletter and swept up some of my friends' awesome designs!

This week I've been busy busy busy, and I'm excited to show you a new page I've added to my site, and my return to Youtube after my lo0o0o0o0ngest hiatus, plus patterns available from one of my "most favoritest" corsetieres!

Lucy's Awesome Ebay Finds

Way back in the day, I used to find the majority of my review corsets through Ebay. It's not as popular as Facebook Marketplace these days, but you can still find some pretty amazing pieces (I just snapped up a vintage Dark Garden silver silk overbust for only $145, will take pictures when I receive it!)

But I realized that there are SO MANY really lovely corsets that are not in my size but someone out there might love it.

Like the gorgeous "Audrey" corset by Ava Corsetry for half its original price, shown above.

Last weekend I gave my supporters on Patreon first dibs (they snapped up some Dark Garden, Isabella Corsetry, and some ribbon cinchers!) but my hope is to update this page weekly with corset brands and styles I find interesting and noteworthy.

Heck yes, I want to see Lucy's Ebay finds!

Original Sparklewren Patterns For Sale. This is not a drill!!

If you haven't heard of the Underpinnings Museum, it's an amazing collaborative project founded and run by Karolina Laskowska (who is well-known in the corset community, and also so famous she has her own dedicated Wikipedia page!). The Underpinnings Museum is dedicated to studying vintage and contemporary corsets, bras, and other undergarments (obviously, by the name).

If you want to dive deep into the study of Sparklewren's genius designs, you have the chance this month! Best of all, Jenni of Sparklewren has agreed to release some of her best corset patterns for purchase.

Sparklewren Retrospective and Patterns from The Underpinnings Museum

Youtube videos are back! Update + storytime

It's been far too long since I last made a video (you might have seen my last upload in January, but in reality I made the majority of 2019's videos back in March and I've been out of practice in making videos for over a year!)

Many of you will remember me giving little updates via this newsletter on my moving nightmare, my computer issues, my wedding planning, etc, but now I finally get the opportunity to sit down and tell several stories about how the past year has gone. It feels great to be back on the video-making horse, and I've already filmed 2 new videos to go live in August!

Take me to the shady apartment hunting stories and wedding drama
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