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You probably haven’t expected to hear from me so soon, haven’t you? I must admit, I even surprised myself.

You know the saying, “Life happens when you make other plans?” Well, this month just prove it to me. Again, my travel plans changed with the blink of an eye. There I was, sitting on the beach in Penang, Malaysia, a couple things happened to make us reconsider. 

Not going into politics, especially other countries’ politics that has nothing to do with me, but Trump forced my husband’s company to change their travel plans, and he can now longer fly through UAE, which of course was how he was going to fly to Malaysia to join us. It would’ve been too costly for him to join us from anywhere else. 

Secondly, the Coronavirus reared its ugly head in Asia. There were already concerns about the flu virus in Malaysia at that time. 

My daughter and I discussed the situation, looked at each other and said, “We’re done. We’re going home.” So that’s what we did. Booked the next flight home so here we are back in sunny South Africa until she has to leave this week to resume her studies in Melbourne.

My husband and I will leave the day after for a short road trip to join my sisters in the Eastern Cape where I’ll be until April, when we go to Wilderness. My next long trip will only be later this year when we visit my daughter in Australia.

The rest of the year I’m going to take it as it comes No big plans other than concentrating on my writing and publishing.

What's happening in 2020?

My early departure from Malaysia meant that I haven’t finished the two projects I planned. While there, I’ve browsed the bookshops (obviously), and found there is now a photobook similar to the one I planned about the street art in Georgetown. It had only been released in November. The second book I can still work on, but I am adapting it slightly. It will take longer to finish, but it doesn’t matter. It is a sideline project anyway.                             


I’ve been playing with this idea for a while now, and since speaking to some of my writer friends recently, and studying my book stats, I decided to re-write the Playing for Glory series in Afrikaans. I will still publish the rest of the series in English too. I’ve started the re-write for Eye on the Ball and finished the first six chapters. I still have a long way to go!


I’ve decided that, before I publish the next book in the series, to change the covers. I hope to do that at the end of February. I’ve already got in touch with my new cover designer. As soon as I get the new covers, I will give you a sneak preview.


My writing tribe recently had a discussion about giving away books for free. I then found the article below, confirming our discussion. I have decided that this is it. I’m not going to make ANY of my books for free on Amazon or other platforms. There will be exceptions such as giving some away for ARC reviews and in competitions, of course but I will also limit those to Booksprout. I may have a release special of $0.99 but it will only be for a limited period. I worked hard to write the book. I spend a lot of money on cover designs, editors, proofreaders and marketing. I can’t afford to keep on giving away books for free.


As I’ve mentioned last month, I’ve entered Choices in the ROSA Sweet Anthology due to be released in September.

Choices is a splinter story from the Playing for Glory series as Dan MacKay is the brother of Sarah, the elocution coach the Buffaloes hired to help Richie Campbell. Sarah is also Jaylin Cooper’s friend and Dan is a friend of Daniel Cooper. Dan and Sarah went to school in South Africa when their father represented the Scottish whisky industry in the country. When Dan was 15 years old, he met the love of his life, Jessica, who was 14 at the time. When she was 21 and he 22, they got married but things went all wrong when Dan got the opportunity to play for Scotland. He made stupid choices, choices he regret almost immediately and which had more repercussions than he could imagine. It took him ten years to find Jess again and now Dan had to make other choices. Will it be the right choices this time? Will Jess anyway give him a chance?

This is a 20000 word (supposed to be) short story and had to be clean in order for it to form part of the anthology. I’m busy with the second edit but I am now looking for beta readers. There will be no reviews at this stage, only good, honest feedback. If you are willing to read this story, and give me your feedback by the end of February, please complete the form below. The private link will be send to you via email  and will only be available as an epub or mobi.

Facebook Parties

Marketing is one of the most frustrating and difficult tasks for an author to do. I had been postponing it for far too long but this year my aim is to do more to promote my books. One of the best promotion tools I’ve found is Facebook parties. You usually can interact with the author and you can win some great prizes. I’ve been on two recently and it was well worth it, so I will definitely sign up for more when I am settled. I have already one scheduled for 15 February with the Be My Book Boyfriend’s Facebook Group. You need to join the groups to participate. Obviously, you need to do something to have a chance to win the Giveaways like following the author on social media but other times it is just to make a comment.  The link For BMBB’s event is below.

In future, I will add all event to my private Facebook Group, Francine and Friends. As soon as I have more than a hundred members, I will start do my own Giveaways and social events. Please join my group following the link posted under my social media links.

Social Media
Francine Beaton’s Private Facebook Group

My private Facebook group is currently very small and I haven’t done much interaction. I am aiming to change it this year where I will hopefully host my own Facebook parties and announce events and giveaways. Please join my Group to particapate.

Currently, most of my books are only available on Amazon as I've enrolled them in Kindle Unlimited for a limited period. The link to my books is

For those of you who received the books for free on Prolific Works or Booksprout, will you please leave me a review if you enjoyed the book? If you have any other feedback, please email me at I appreciate any comments, whether they are negative or positive.


Again, thank you for your support. Until next time



Francine Beaton

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