This is a very busy time of year for most nonprofits, I know. That's why this week's message (and most of my messages through the end of the year) is short and to the point. 

Today, I am sharing an episode of The Small Nonprofit podcast with you - for three reasons:

  1. This episode talks about the importance of having patience when building a nonprofit organization and how it takes deliberate, thoughtful planning to create a solid foundation for your mission. 
  2. The featured guest is a past client of mine, Patrick Rodriguez, who is making a big impact for formerly incarcerated people and the state of higher education in prisons. 
  3. I get a shout out from Patrick during the episode in what has to be my very first podcast mention. 

So, if you're stuffing envelopes, cleaning up mailing lists, or taking a much needed walk around the block, give this episode a listen:

Because even if your organization has been around for a while, lessons in patience, getting the right buy in, and setting yourself up for success over the long haul (instead of rushing at every goal head on) are important for all of us to remember. 

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