Aboriginal health workers leaving the NT industry

[Emilia Terzon, ABC]

The Northern Territory is the only place in the nation with falling numbers of health sector workers trained to bridge cultural gaps between First Nations and non-Indigenous people.

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Nigel Scullion launches investigation into NLC allegations

[Jane Bardon, ABC]

At the weekend, the NLC's executive changed the organisation's chief executive for the third time in four months, appointing former Territory Labor minister Jack Ah Kit as the interim CEO.

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QAGOMA pays tribute to senior Indigenous artist

[supplied by QAGOMA]

QAGOMA Director Chris Saines said Mrs Ngallametta (b.1944) had made a profound contribution to arts and culture nationally and particularly in Queensland, her home state.

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Industry that has preyed on vulnerable people must pay up

[by Lucy Cowcher-Guthrie]

The financial services industry has a record of preying on vulnerable people and the deliberate targeting of people in remote First Nations communities is particulararly egregious.

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