Mr. Guy is a half-goblin half-pint who got infected with the Zombie virus, but just a little bit. In his arm. The wound in his arm has a hovering spectral spirit in the form of a skull named Spooky. Sometimes Spooky can morph Mr. Guy into different things, his arm becomes a fighting weapon. Sometimes Spooky can take over Mr. Guy's body to protect him like in Arc VIII: Voidspace.

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Arc V: The Big D

James Groeling

Arc VI: Midnight's Bayou

Daniel Hooker

Arc VII: Voidspace

Michael Abstracto

Arc VIII: Necromantic

Wren Rios

Castle Bigmart

Pencils and inks by Skooba Steve Myers
Colors by Whitney Cook

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This one's a head scratcher.

The title, which has zombie hunter in it is misleading. There's not that much in the way of zombie hunting at all, with some fighting zombies here and there.

There's a few funny moments here and there.

The first one is patterned off of Dante's Divine Comedy where Dante himself guides Mr. Guy through the various circles of Hell. Overall most of the other stories (except Castle Bigmart) seemed a bit aimless, with a few accomplishments our titular character needed to achieve. Usually there wasn't much in the way of story in each chapter. The last chapter, Castle Bigmart however does boast of having a poetic narration and a much more enjoyable sequential development to it. Basically, Castle Bigmart's about discovering oneself in the Zombie Apocalypse and staying in the shopping mall for life.

This collection had the feeling of a 'zine. That is to say, a very loose casual not-for-profit assemblage of images made just for the fun of it. It's a bit of a stretch to say that it's made for anyone not in the immediate circle of contributors. If that was the intention fine.

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Alchemist of Aurillia

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