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e-Newsletter - January 26, 2021

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Flight Instructor Recruitment Underway

Interest builds as the program gets started

Air Command announced two weeks ago an international effort to increase the number of certified gyroplane flight instructors (CFI) in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere. The goal is to bring into the program:

  • Current gyroplane CFIs.
  • Transition existing fixed-wing and helicopter CFIs to gyroplane add-on.
  • Develop those interested in building flight hours toward CFI certification.

CFI Greg Bradley with Bradley Aviation Services and Joe Covelli with Air Command are working together to develop the program and follow up with those who express interest and complete the > online form.

According to Joe, "The first two-weeks were terrific. We received twelve completed online forms and heard from several others they are interested to learn more."  He added, "CFIs who have been instructing 25 plus years in gyroplanes have offered their support as a resource too. It's a collaborative effort to advance the sport and increase safety with more instructors."

To learn more about the recruitment program, contact Air Command by phone +1 903-527-3335, email, or complete the > online form. Your journey begins by taking the first step.

Bradley Aviation Services
Greg Bradley - President
Air Command & Skywheels
Joe Covelli - President
Click For The CFI Recruitment Program Online Form

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Skywheels Rotors "Stability" Explained

Newest podcast

> Click here to listen now.

In this podcast, Jim Lezie offers a great perspective on Skywheels and their stable and reliable performance. You will enjoy listening to his comments and perspective. There have been over 100 downloads of this podcast.

Jim owned Skywheels from 2001 to 2018. He is a seasoned veteran of rotorcraft. Jim’s been around rotors for years as a pilot in the California Air National Guard and a military service member. When ABC Network News was looking for expert comment on the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash in 2020, they called and interviewed Jim Lezie.

Jim was extensively involved with new owner Joe Covelli in the Skywheels transition and bringing the product back into manufacturing and on the market again.

> Click for all previous podcasts.

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Decision-Making Concepts

Are you ready to fly today?

Conventional flight training prescribes the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to conduct a flight within operational constraints. For the low-time pilot, the instructor attempts to teach good judgment, behavior, and performance through a set of limited, but supervised flight situations. In doing so, the flight instructor not only teaches the necessary aviation knowledge and skills required to execute specific flight maneuvers, but also encourages the student to apply previously learned knowledge and skills to subsequent situations. Since the student cannot be taught how to handle every possible situation they may encounter, the instructor tries to provide a representative range of learning experiences that the prospective pilot can later apply to similar situations. As the neophyte pilot displays competence in training situations, there is an increase in ability to perform safely. In new situations, the pilot’s decision will be based upon two considerations: (1) What the pilot had previously learned which may be applicable to the new situation; and (2) what the pilot chooses to consider as relevant information for arriving at a new decision while operating in "unknown territory." > Click to continue reading.

Featured Service: Rotorhead Inspection

Have you inspected your rotorhead lately? Did you experience a blade strike? Purchase a used gyroplane?

The rotorhead is one of the most important parts on your gyroplane. These parts need to be inspected regularly for normal wear or damage to avoid an inflight incident or risk of failure. The Air Command rotorhead bearing times out at 100 flight hours or every five-years, whichever comes first. > Click for Air Command's 12-month condition inspection guide.

Our commitment is to your safe flying. Have an Air Command technician with 25 years of experience inspect your rotorhead.

The following is included:

  • Complete tear-down with disassembly photo
  • Written inspection report of findings
  • Replacement of high-wear parts (oilite bushings and nylon washers)
  • Reassembly

We'll contact you to review the report and return shipping fees and, if required, any additional part or labor fees that might be suggested based on the report.

Order this service by clicking the link below. The address to ship your rotorhead will be emailed separately following order confirmation.

Price $185.00, plus shipping costs

Click Here To Order Rotorhead Service

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