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Council Annoucement


Good evening,

As you likely saw in late May, the Boy Scouts of America National Council announced a $6 membership fee increase effective October 1 for current members, and August 1 for new members. In an effort to provide your unit's leadership with sufficient time to plan your rechartering budget for 2021, we have been working to set the Connecticut Rivers Council fee as well. That fee has now been established for next year at $54 for youth members, and $18 for adult members. A full breakdown is included below. As in year's past, membership fees will be prorated monthly. For those families who qualify for free or reduced lunch programs, the total fee for 2021 will be $24.

Youth Members

2019 total fee: $99

2020 total fee: $120 ($66 national fee, $54 council fee)

Adult Members

2019 total fee: $75

2020 total fee: $60 ($42 national fee, $18 council fee)

Youth qualifying for free/reduced lunch

2019 total fee: $12

2020 total fee: $24

Also announced in May was a new, $25 joining fee for all youth members. Any Scouts currently registered or who have been registered in Scouting previously are not subject to this fee. We will absorb the $25 joining fee for families that qualify for free or reduced lunch so they will not be assessed that fee. The fee schedule for the remainder of 2020 for new members is:


Youth: $49.50 (Free/Reduced Lunch $6)

Adult: $37.50


Youth: $75 (Free/Reduced Lunch $10)

Adult: $25


Youth: $65 (Free/Reduced Lunch $8)

Adult: $20


Youth: $55 (Free/Reduced Lunch $6)

Adult: $15


Youth: $45 (Free/Reduced Lunch $4)

Adult: $10


Youth: $35 (Free/Reduced Lunch $2)

Adult: $5

We are currently investigating opportunities for a monthly payment option. This would allow families to pay ahead monthly for the following year's membership fee. We will send further communications as we learn more.

If you have any questions related to membership fees, please don't hesitate to reach out to Field Directors Sean Fogle or Kevin McClelland, or directly to Steven.

Yours in Scouting,

Eric Remington

Council President

R. David Lee

Council Commissioner

Steven Smith

Scout Executive

Connecticut Rivers Council

60 darlin st, East Hartford
CT 06108 United States


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