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As you may remember, last week, I shared a Porsche copywriting teardown. There was a great response to it. Hence, this week, I want to share another Porsche copywriting teardown with you. However, this weeks isn't selling readers on a Porsche 911. Instead, it's exuberating the success of Porsche at Le Mans. Le Mans is one of the toughest motorsport events in the world, lasting 24 hours. This advertisement by Porsche is tongue-in-cheek. You can sense the competitive spirit of Porsche in this advertisement.


The first element of this ad that will strike you is the headline. It grabs your attention. It's a relatable headline. Any generation can relate to this headline; in that sense, it's evergreen. Of course, we know that nobody is perfect. The headline confirms our thinking and subtly encourages us to read on. I appreciate the fact that the headline teases itself, rather than its competitors. It doesn't take digs at its competitors. Though, subconsciously, you know that that Porsche is saying it's better than its competitors.


Below the headline, there is a structured list. In this instance, we consider the structured list to be the sub-headline. No context is needed to link the headline to the sub-headline. The sub-headline presents the results of the 1983 Le Mans race. After a brief moment, you understand the gist of the message that Porsche wants to relay. Without saying it, they tell you that they're great. It links back to what I mentioned in the headline. Porsche is saying it's better than its competitors, but respectfully


Below the sub-headline, in the footer of the advertisement, is a small paragraph of copy. It's a tad small, so you must pay attention to read it. It elaborates on the headline and sub-headline. It provides context as to what Le Mans is. And, just how tough of a race Le Mans is. It then ends with the following sentence: "There's always room for improvement. Even at Porsche.". I love this. It confirms the overarching theme of this ad - Porsche saying its the best. It doesn't grotesquely do this; it teases itself.

So, there we have another non-boring car-related copywriting teardown. The great thing about this advertisement and copy is that various sports could replicate this. I could see this working in football, basketball and more. The copywriting in this advertisement is an excellent lesson in showcasing one's brilliance, without displaying an ego. I mentioned it last week, and I'll repeat it, review old car advertisements for copywriting inspiration. Other than Porsche, checkout advertisements from the likes of Rolls-Royce. Such brands had (and have) large ad budgets to hire the best agencies.

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