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Our Cases Are Up By Nearly 30% Over the Last Two Weeks
COVID Community Spread Worsens

My summary of Friday's press conference by Mecklenburg County Public Health officials along with Q&A from reporters is here. Some highlights:

-The vaccine is our future; it is not our present. While we wait for vaccine to ship and the phases of its distribution to begin, stay home except for essentials and do not gather outside of your immediate family. This is 1 year out of our lives that we have to live this way. Do this so others will have more years in their future.

-We now have a 11.2% positivity rate, up from 5.4% in October.

-The Department of Public Health is working 7 days a week to contact trace. Please respond to Public Health if you are contacted.

-Click here for the press conference.

-Click here for data for December 9th.

Financial Navigator Program

The City of Charlotte has launched a free program to help residents navigate critical financial issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Residents who sign up will be matched with a financial navigator who can help them access programs and services to manage income disruptions and other financial concerns. Sign up online or call 311.

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