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These are the great things others are doing that I've been getting value out of; you may notice they're mostly aligned around the themes I work with in The Focus Group – Strategy, Technology and Communication :) 


The below tweet is vastly over simplified in a number of steps but the point is a powerful one that I frequently remind myself and others of...

Never has it been more readily accessible to actually bring your ideas to life, reach others globally and generate money, under your own steam.

No, it's not necessarily easy but it IS possible in ways that it's never been possible before. Is now your time to do your something great?

If you've no idea what the very first step for you is, ask me in The Focus Group.


In a money challenge we recently ran for LemonAid members, I discovered the Moneybox app.

As someone fairly new to this, the fact I could so easily set up auto-investing and keep tabs on it on my phone, has been such an easy and hassle-free way to start investing (and in the recently introduced Socially Responsible fund, which is big draw for me).

This, alongside Monzo, has been completely revolutionising the way I manage my money and banking this past year.


One of the concepts I've found most useful when it comes to improving my own communication is the concept of stories and narratives.

It's a powerful way to understand what might actually be happening in a scenario where somebody you're communicating with appears to be behaving unreasonably, irrationally and/or out of character. 

If you can step outside of your own experience for a moment, you can explore what story the other person may be telling themselves which is causing such a reaction.

An example is when you provide what is intended as and you believe is useful 'feedback'/constructive criticism to someone which you think could be helpful to them...

But instead of receiving grateful thanks, you're either ignored, met with criticism yourself or dismissed, ridiculed or [insert other response you totally weren't expecting]. And you're left wondering what on earth is wrong with that person: "Can't they see you were just trying to be helpful?"

What may have been going on for them when they received your 'feedback' is the following... 

"Oh ffs, even more criticism. I just can't seem to get anything right in her eyes, she's always criticising me and nothing I do is ever good enough for her".

For some reason – which is often nothing to do with you or the present situation – they've been triggered into their own narrative in which they're wrong, they're useless, they're not good enough...which becomes the basis for their reaction and response to you, however unfair that may be!

Are there current situations in your life where this sounds familiar?

The more you can explore other perspectives and stories – both your own and what may be going on for others – the better you can communicate with the folk in your life, from a place of understanding and respect.

This is one of the key goals of the Communications Channel in The Focus Group; do let me know if you'd like to join!

[Worth a watch: If you have Netflix, watch Brené Brown's Special, The Call to Courage, for a great example she shares about an experience with her husband and each of their narratives].


My Latest & Greatest

The Focus Group

Officially opening for business on July 1st – though if you're keen, you can get a head start! – The Focus Group is designed to help you strategise better, use technology better and/or communicate better!

You can join one, both or all of the tracks – whichever area you need the most practical, hands-on help with – and it's a pretty much "Ask Me Anything" environment!

For example...

Think More Strategically: Ask me how to get started! Ask me how to stop doing something that's no longer working for you! Ask me what the options are! Ask me what tactics you could use! Ask me what tactics I'd avoid! Ask me how to figure out what you want!

Technological Smarts: Ask me how to build your own website! Ask me how to start a blog! Ask me whether you should use Trello or Notion! Ask me how to declutter your inbox! Ask me how to get into doing more online video! Ask me where to store your digital content! Ask me what online tools are in my must-have toolbox!

Communicate Better: Ask me how to cope with a difficult colleague/client! Ask me how to say no to something you don't want to do! Ask me why your intentions are being misunderstood! Ask me how to start to get through to someone who doesn't seem to be listening! Ask me how to enforce and/or hold a better boundary with a parent/partner/child/colleague/client!

To find out more about The Focus Group and start asking me your questions today, click here.

I would love to hear if you're doing something great that you'd like to share...just hit 'reply' and drop me a line.

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