July News and Goodies

Hello Romance Readers,

Summer is in full swing, and our section of the country is drying out from all those storms that came through the last two months. The pool is open, and the Twinadoes are having a blast jumping in and out of the water and spraying all the adults with water guns.

I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather, and for those of you Down Under, I hope your winter is not too terrible. If you're in Europe enduring the record-high temperatures, stay cool!

This month I'm spending time on the Jersey shore with family, followed by a week in New York City for the Romance Writers of America annual conference. In honor of my travels, I have a special recipe to share this month.

I'm also sharing a book deal and a new release from one of my favorite author pals.

Twinadoes Talk

I don't have any amusing quotes from the Twinadoes this month as they've been too busy swimming. That wears them out and keeps them quiet! I'll be back with gems from the boys next month, I'm sure.

In the meantime. here are a couple of photos from our Fourth of July celebration. The boys enjoyed Independence Day, especially setting off fireworks with Daddy. (Fireworks are allowed in our town). Lots of noise and screaming, but a fun night.

99¢ Regency Romance

Bluestocking Lady Elise Smith is a very content spinster. She holds intellectual gatherings and attends poetry readings, mind-improving lectures, and art shows. She runs her father’s household with quiet and determined efficiency, which is why she is absolutely stunned when Papa informs his three daughters that until Lady Elise is happily settled with—gasp—a husband, he will not consider offers for his two younger daughters.

Lord Simon St. George has happily watched one friend after another become leg-shackled, taking pride in the fact that his title is secured by a brother and nephew, so there is no reason to seek a wife for himself. When he sees a woman previously unknown to him at a ball, who seems to be hiding from the rest of the attendees, he is intrigued enough to introduce himself.

Simon sees a lovely, intelligent woman to pass the time with. Elise sees a man who can help her thwart her father by pretending they are courting. But even the best plans can go awry…

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New from Sylvia McDaniel

Western Historical Romance

A Burning Need for Revenge

Addie King will stop at nothing to get her revenge. Not even a Texas Ranger can slow her down. But she’s more than happy to wreck havoc in the lawman’s life, if he gets in her way. Until the night she realizes she may have met her match.

Texas Ranger, Wesley Selig knows that a savage gang is being run from Central Texas and is determined to find who they’re working for. Only problem a devious redhead who is under the false belief she’s a bounty hunter. Determined that only she will bring in the ruthless outlaws, they play a dangerous game of cat and mouse, until she’s caught in his trap.

Can the lawman and the bounty hunter bring in the mysterious ringleader creating mayhem in the county? Or will her need for revenge and his need for justice tear them apart?

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Jersey Shore Ice Cream Sandwiches

A slab of Neapolitan ice cream between sweet, crispy waffles is the ultimate Jersey Shore treat. You can make and enjoy these, no matter where you live!

4 4-inch frozen waffles, toasted
1 cup vanilla ice cream
1 cup chocolate ice cream
1 cup strawberry ice cream

Divide each portion of ice cream atop two of the waffles and top with the remaining waffles to create two ice cream sandwiches.

You can also purchase Neapolitan ice cream and "cut" a slap for between the waffles.

Just So You Know

Let me tell you about Callie's Reading Corner.

I would love to have you join my Readers Facebook Group. There we share jokes, memes, funny stories and comments on life. I run contests and post deleted scenes from books and extended epilogues for some of my books. You will also see family trees for my various series (and the names of all the children born of these loving couples), as well as posts to help me name characters. You’ll be the first to see new covers and hear about sales and new releases. That is also where I build my ARC reader list. If you would like to join us for fun and games, click here .

Happy reading!


Callie Hutton



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