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Caitlyn Lynch, Author

Looking for the perfect escape?

When you dare to venture into the romantically-charged pages of SECRET LEGENDS, you’ll get lost in stories from today’s New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

This must-read paranormal romance and urban fantasy boxed set is filled with tales of vampires, aliens, angels, witches, ghosts, shifters, sirens, and more, containing over one hundred hours of page-turning reads that will leave your heart pounding and your pulse racing.

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Secret Legends is released on September 12!

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A fabulous FREEBIE from bestselling author Kelly Collins for you!

After the death of his wife, enigmatic Jonathan Ferris lives in a world of acquisition and mergers, a world where he knows financial security, a world filled with desolating loneliness. Until River Roberts.

Twenty-five-year-old college honors student River Roberts has found herself hungry, tired, and out of options. While seeking advice from her best friend, she discovers something that could provide all she's looking for. She meets the requirements for The Dean’s List, a university society that offers alumni anything they desire. But it comes with a cost: secrets and loneliness.

In a world of commodities and trading, River and Jonathan must fight to preserve what their hearts desire. Will their collision be temporary, or will they overcome the many obstacles in their way?

The Dean's List

Or a NEW super sexy sports romance from Rebecca Norinne?

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I’d called Aoife O’Shaughnessy a number of things, but dumb was never one of them. Through all the trouble she’d gotten into over the years, I never once thought she was actually stupid. Until now. Because I just heard her plan to lose her virginity to the biggest a-hole we know.

My first thought? How the f*ck is Aoife still a virgin? The second? Over my dead body.

So I volunteered for the job instead.

It might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, but once the words were out of my mouth, I couldn’t take them back. I didn’t want to. Suddenly, I couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like to kiss the pink-haired sprite I’d known my whole life, to hear her moan my name when she comes.

Ruck Me

Last chance to enter this month's Kindle Fire competition!

I added a couple of extra ways to enter because we're starting to push hard on Billionaire Ever After now, our fabulous box set releasing on September 12. Do grab a copy if you haven't already, this is an amazing set of TWENTY-TWO billionaire stories by some seriously hot authors... and it's only 99 cents for a limited time!

Kindle Fire giveaway closes August 15th, check the Rafflecopter page for terms and conditions.

I want to win a Kindle Fire!

I'm at the Romance Writers Australia conference this weekend!

Hoping to meet a lot of my heroines including such luminaries as Kate Forsyth, Anne Gracie and Valerie Parv, as well as connect with lots of other great authors. I'm pitching a contemporary romantic suspense to Entangled and Escape Publishing as well, so fingers crossed, I might soon have a BIG announcement to share with you! Wish me the best of luck, and don't forget to stalk me on my blog, Twitter and Facebook to see some probably-very-bad selfies of me getting up to mischief...

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Caitlyn Lynch

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Caitlyn Lynch, Author

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