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EDITORS NOTE: The link for the Lodge 70 elangomat program has been corrected.


Greetings brothers,

I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of fall and are as excited as I am to be 6 months away from Cardinal Conclave 2020! This past weekend, the Section Officers attended the Southern Region Section Officers Seminar in Charlotte, NC to collaborate with other Section Officers across the region and learn more about the upcoming Thrive Webinar, revised role of the Section, and the new Performance Measurement Program.

We are now only a couple days away from the national Thrive Webinar. On Saturday, October 19th Chapter, Lodge, Section, and National leaders across our organization will come together and commit to a future in which every lodge will Thrive. Our section leadership team will be visiting with lodge leaders as they join in this commitment to Thrive, as a way of showing our support and shared commitment for the future of our organization. We are excited by the opportunity to be part of this national commitment to ensure a positive future for the Order of the Arrow and look forward to seeing lodge leaders this weekend!

Yours in Cheerful Service,
Ethan Syster Section Chief
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Lodge Feature: Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge Elangomat Program

"If you haven’t served as an Elangomat in your Lodge, or haven’t been an Elangomat for awhile, I highly encourage you to do so. It is a rewarding experience. As Allowat Sakima said; “Those who choose you, need you.”"

Learn More about Lodge 70's Elangomat Program

Lodge Feature: Klahican Fellowship Activities

"Each lodge within the section has their own way of putting their lodge’s touch on their fellowships. It is my hope that this brief overview of Klahican’s fellowship has provided you with some idea of how other lodges put on their fellowships and maybe inspired you to think of new creative fellowship activities for your own lodge."

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Photo of the Month

Last weekend the Officers of Section SR-7B attended the Southern Region Section Officer Seminar in Charlotte, NC. Representatives from all 11 sections were in attendance, along with the National Chief. 

Southern Region Section 7B

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