New publishing schedule

Libra 2017

Announcement: New Publishing Schedule

This issue of the newsletter is really just an announcement that the newsletter will no longer be published on a strictly monthly basis. Instead, it is moving to an "irregular" schedule, which basically means it will be published whenever there is enough good information to fill it up.

Partly this is a result of my current Jupiter-transiting-the-1st-house "Year of Overcommitment." There is simply too much to do, and something has to give. But it's also partly the result of the fact that I don't really have worthwhile things to say on a strict monthly schedule.  So rather than force things, I'll now wait until I have something worth saying. Maybe that's every three weeks. Maybe that's every three months.

With the new flexibility, maybe I can even come up with some interesting new features and ideas.

Thank you all for your support to this point. And know that the newsletter is not going away. In fact, the next one you see will probably be better than the ones that preceded it.

--- Ed

Ed Perrone

Astrological Community

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