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Awesome You & Awesome Us!

If someone would have told me a few months back, that weddings and kid's birthday parties would be happening on Zoom calls, I would not have believed them. But as an insider who has been privy to some of these recently, you can definitely color me wowed.

Welcome to Dohful's The Sunday Letter. If you're new here, this is a weekly newsletter where we talk to you guys about food, baking, and stories of our lives revolving around these two.

In today's newsletter, I'm going to give you an insider's peek into how we are all celebrating our big and small moments in life, in this post-COVID era.

It was a truly Awwwwww moment for me in Dohful when someone from Mumbai contacted us saying he wanted to send Dohful cookies to all his 'online' wedding attendees. He was getting married soon with most of his guests joining via Zoom call.

He wanted us to dispatch cookies to all his family members just on the day of his wedding so that all his guests would get notifications of their gifts being dispatched on that very day. 

There was a cute little message for everyone, thanking them for their blessings along with our bestseller - Nutella Lava Cookies

Needless to say, it was quite a hit! His guests were pleasantly surprised, and since it was our first time doing something like this, we loved the whole experience too!

And if wedding guests can be online, why not have a kid's birthday party on a video call? But wait, there's a twist. 

Since there can't be a party without food & games, the birthday parents create hampers containing goodies (in a few cases Dohful Cookies) and games and other stuff which are used by those kids while playing games with each other online!

The kids who are getting these hampers are more than delighted to be meeting with their friends over a video call, playing with them, and most importantly having yummy food like they would at the party! 

When I first heard of this, my mind was blown away! Cute little hampers, sweets, goodies and return gifts - whoever came up with this is definitely a genius!! 😍

In yet another world, we were asked by two young, new-age companies to send cookies to their team members. 

It began with a Korean company that contacted us because they wanted to send some goodies to all of their Indian team. We made special cookie packs for them and shipped them all across India. 

We were also lucky to be contacted by a very inspiring woman entrepreneur to send Dohful cookies to its entire team of 250+ people spanned over Maharashtra and Gujarat thanking everyone for their hard work and dedication during these times.

Interestingly, in both these cases, we were referred to both these companies by someone who had tried and loved Dohful Cookies. Just the fact that someone would do that for us is so heart-warming for me. So, whoever you are, we owe you, dude! Thank you so much! 😊

P.S.: Thank you so much for all your support and love. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts - The whole Dohful Team.

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