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Surviving the Times

As some of you know, I'm an educator. Long before I wrote and published my first book, I taught high school students in Baltimore City. In 2015, Baltimore City became international news after the death of Freddie Gray, by police officers, and the subsequent riots and protests.

Unfortunately, many others before Freddie Gray and after have been victims of unjustified death at the hands of police officers. George Floyd's murder and the pandemic have become a tipping point for many. A wake-up call for some. A stripping away of blinders for others.

Black Lives Matter isn't a slogan but a call to action.

In this newsletter, I wanted to take time to acknowledge major worldwide events. To recognize the pain, stress, and frustration of many. To express my dedication to continue to pen novels with African Americans as heroes and heroines. To making them the face of paranormal and fantasy worlds because representation matters.

I encourage you to find the place in your life where you can make a difference. 

How have you been impacted by the pandemic, police, and/or protests?

Want to share your story? If you do, share your voice here. I'll collect stories on a rolling basis. Send me as many as you like. I'll create blog posts with your stories on my author website. The more we share, the better we understand each other and the more we empathize.

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Lies. Murder. Vengeance.

For eighteen-year-old Asha, traveling to Vumaris with her parents, lion alphas of the Kingdom of Shona, should've been a simple matter. Recommitting to an eighty-year-old peace treaty between their countries should've been easier still. Yet, greed and corruption know no boundaries of time and place. So when a group of mercenaries converges on Sanctum Hotel, hellbent on kidnapping Asha and assassinating her parents, her family trip turns into the bloodiest night of her life. 

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When the King and Queen don’t believe the plea for help from a young boy, Princess Sabina is forced to take action on her own. Venturing into the wastelands, she discovers a vast army unnaturally approaching the fortress.

Lead by the Pale Rider, the wicked creatures of death advance upon the Kingdom of Eden. 

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A mutant searching for sanctuary.

Lilah has heard rumors of a garden paradise known as Eden somewhere out in the wilds. Forced out of post-apocalyptic Chicago when her mutant abilities come to light, it's her only hope of safety.

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