Dear beautiful beloved ,

This weekend is the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival. And in New York, right across the Delaware River from my house, there's lots of fun going on. 

On Thursday, I drove through Bethel NY. That's actually where Woodstock took place -- not in Woodstock NY as many people believe. I visited Yasgur's Farm (yes it' still there) and the site of the original festival. And I toured the museum at Bethel Woods, which is now an upscale concert venue. We went a few weeks ago to see Train and Goo Goo Dolls. The town of Bethel is cool because they embrace the hippie the-dye culture -- at least for this weekend. 

Saturday we attend PorchFest just a short hike away in Callicoon NY. Here they held another celebration for Woodstock, with over 50 musical acts playing throughout the town on porches, lawns, balconies, etc. It was great fun and some of the musicians were brilliant! 

I hope you are making the most of our last remaining days of Summer as she winds down. Autumn is just around the corner. 

Living larger than ever,
Cheryl Ann Borne, My Bariatric Life
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Robert Borne, retired addictions counselor

If you are like most people who are overweight, you will explore many options before talking to your doctor about bariatric surgery. Attempts are usually made to lose weight through diet, exercise, and medication before bariatric surgery is seriously considered. This is good because a history of weight loss attempts is required before getting approval for bariatric surgery. Once you make the decision to explore bariatric surgery then a consultation with your doctor should follow.

Before talking to your doctor about bariatric surgery make a list of topics and questions you want to talk about. You also should have an idea about what you want to accomplish through consultation: Do you want a referral to a bariatric surgeon? Do you want to attend a bariatric support group? Do you just want more information at this time? Planning for what you want to accomplish will increase your chances of getting what you want.

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