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A message from Samantha

It all started with my love for three things:
Clothing, sustainability, and technology.

Although seemingly disparate, these three things are connected through the surprising life cycle of how we design our products.

At Baçura, we approach things by first knowing our impact, then innovating across these three areas to make things better. This approach is vital to helping us achieve our mission towards a circular economy. We think differently (in a good way), and everything we do is underpinned by our Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Some of the cool things we’ve implemented include the unique codes on every garment, which are scannable to allow you to find out where the materials came from, as well as how to care for the garment. You can also learn about the environmental impact of every product. This is measured based on five categories: carbon emissions, land use, water use, water pollution, and the number of animals required. Just so you know, our products don’t contain any animal products, ever. 😊

We’re always trying to improve things to reach our goal. We're not 100% there yet, but we're making great progress. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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The brand name originated from the Spanish word basura, which means waste. The name toys with the idea of waste and disrupts our world view of what it really means. We want to see it as fuel for something else, rather than the end stage of a product.

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