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The 21° ESPRM Congress will host its first EUROPEAN PRM SCHOOL. The School was  established on a proposal of the President of the ESPRM Alain Delarque; it is organized with the participation of the four PRM European bodies : EARM, ESPRM, UEMS PRM Section and Board, with the aim of offering to the European PRM trainees a new PRM school in Europe, based on a comprehensive programme.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the European PRM School Vilnius 2018 will benefit from the participation of the three current PRM Schools:

  • EuropeanSchool Marseille on Motor Disabilities, founded in 2000
  • Euromediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School of Syracuse, founded in 2005
  • International Teaching Programme (ITP), founded in 2010

Each school will organize a Special Session during the Congress.

From Thursday the PRM trainees will follow the “fil rouge” and benefit from lessons of high level lecturers participating in the scientific sessions. Their lectures will be dedicated first to the PRM trainees. The presentations of the chapters of the White Book 3d Edition will also be included in the “fil rouge” programme (link to the White Book).

A specific teaching programme for Russian speaking PRM trainees will take place, thanks to Alvydas Juocevicius. It will represent a unique opportunity to share knowledge and to strenghten the links in a broad professional community.

All PRM trainees registered in the School will benefit from a repository of selected materials collected by Nikos Barotsis, including the presentations of the speakers and other related documents.


  • Xanthi Michail
  • Alain Delarque
  • Maria Gabriella Ceravolo
  • Nicolas Cristodoulou
  • Alvydas Juocevicius


May, 1st. 13.00-16.00, ZETA ROOM                                                              

SPECIAL SESSION – European School Marseille on Motor Disabilities– Part 1  Chairpersons: A.DELARQUE, M.G.CERAVOLO, J.M.VITON, P.A.JOSEPH    Coordinator: Jean Michel VITON                                                                

Laurent BENSOUSSAN: Changes in postural control in hemiplegic patients after stroke performing a dual task
Alain YELNIK: Balance rehabilitation after stroke, beyond the only motor deficiencies
Dominic PÉRENNOU: Weight bearing asymmetry in erectstance after stroke: a window on spatial cognition​
Thierry LEJEUNE: Stiff knee gait after stroke : Assessment using movement analysis and treatment 
André THEVENON: Extended venous malformation and PRM                                                           
Nikos BAROTSIS: Educational activities of the UEMS PRM Board (publications, e-learning, the online course)

May, 1st. 16.00-20.00, ZETA ROOM                           

SPECIAL SESSION – European School Marseille on Motor Disabilities– Part II  Chairpersons: L.BENSOUSSAN, R.BUSCHBACHER, A.JUOCEVICIUS, N.BAROTSIS Coordinator: Jean Michel VITON                                                                

Jorge LAINS:Guidelines and gaps on spasticity treatment regarding comprehensive patient management 
Maria Gabriella CERAVOLO: Perspectives of usingnot invasive brain stimulation in people with Parkinson’s disease 
Rolf FRISCHKNECHT:When evaluating functional independence, do nurses and occupational therapists see the  name?
Jean Michel VITON: Long termfollow up of persons with stroke 
Pierre DENYS:Botulinum toxin in neurourology what’s new?  
Pascal GIRAUX: Motor simulation and visuomotor training in rehabilitation: the model of phantom limb 

May, 2nd. 8.30-12.30, ZETA ROOM  
SPECIAL SESSION- International Teaching Programe (ITP) Chairpersons: O.REMY-NERIS, D.BENSMAIL, S.JACQUIN-COURTOIS

Djamel BENSMAIL: Global assessment, management and follow-up of patients with multiple sclerosis in a PMR department 
Sophie JACQUIN-COURTOIS: Impact of fatigue and cognitive impairment. Effect of cognitive rehabilitation   
Charles JOUSSAIN/Pierre DENYS:Neurogenic bladder and sexual impairment management
Hélène PRIGENT:Respiratory and sleep impairment management   
Djamel BENSMAIL:Spasticity and neuro-orthopedic management

May, 2nd. 13:00-17:00, TETA ROOM
SPECIAL SESSION – EuroMediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School “Haim Ring” - Syracuse  
Organizers:M.G.CERAVOLO, X.MICHAIL, N.CHRISTODOULOU, A.JUOCEVICIUS, A.DELARQUE                                                    

Let’s write a manuscript Part I – Theory session

Mauro ZAMPOLINI: Preliminary steps 
Franco FRANCHIGNONI: Methodology: the hardest job  
Levent OZCAKAR: The art of reporting 
Maria Gabriela CERAVOLO: Interpreting findings 

Part II: Interactive session

The Opening Ceremony of the School will take place

in Zeta Room on May 1st. , from 8.30 to 9.30

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E. registration@esprm2018.com
W. www.esprm2018.com

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