Pipe Creepers 2

Written by Frank Martin
Art by JC Grande
Colors by Eugen Betivu

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When we last left this story...

Two plumbers are sent to a spooky house to solve the water problem. It turned out that they got caught in a horrifying situation involving ancient magic and monsters!

Howie and Phil are your average everyday plumbers. They wisecrack and amble their way through their day. While trying to keep things on the up and up they just want to be done with the job and move on. But Mrs. Wood who runs the house has other plans.

In part 1 Phil was in big trouble deep in the bowels of the old house. Howie was seen rushing to his aid. In part 2 they uncover a secret cult, of which Phil isn't sure if he's their next king or next human sacrifice. Not to give too much away, there's plenty of good writing here with a simple yet fascinating little tale.

No leaks here.

Mr. Martin has a way with wrapping up a story. Pipe Creepers was very well honed. I wish more writers worked this way. Too many try to clobber you over the head with their 'epic' end or start of a world saga only to lose steam before the first chapter is over. Pipe Creepers works on the premise that there's much more below the stairs and behind that basement door than you bargained for!

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