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Newsletter - November 2020

"Lockdown 2"

Welcome to November’s newsletter.  Needless to say the theme for November has to be ‘Lockdown 2’!  I think we have all been more prepared for this one!  Did you take advantage of it or do anything differently?  At the risk of sounding sickeningly healthy and smug, I decided to go alcohol free, step up the exercise and read a self-help book, Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg, PhD Stanford University, which has really helped my perception and success in forming positive habits! I’d recommend it.  Although it must be said, the temptation of the kitchen with the availability of home cooked food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacking has been a disadvantage for me.  It has been lovely to be at home again with the family but now it’s time for me to get back to the office next week!

The WinOps Lite virtual conference was a great success.  Thanks to all who took part and attended.  The event was recorded so please make sure you register to the newsletter on the WinOps site and/or subscribe to the WinOps YouTube channel to be alerted as soon as the videos go live.

November saw Puppet release their annual “state of DevOps report” which is an interesting annual read.  Big news also in DevOps mergers and acquisitions, ECS Digital have this week been acquired by USA based GlobalLogic.  Yet another example of a USA giant being snapping up an enterprising UK firm.  Congratulations to the ECS Digital team!  Here’s an article on it.  In other affairs thank goodness the American elections are over and on home soil dare I mention the ‘B word’??!

Christmas is coming!  With lockdown now over, I especially wish everyone in their work, businesses and their personal lives a prosperous and enjoyable run up to the festive season.


Alex (DevOps) Dover

DevOps VIP of the month

Valentina Vacca

We are leading advisors and business support consultants within our industries Human Capital Consulting Project & Program Management Global Translation Services Strategic Intelligence IT Security. 

Are you a female in tech looking for a mentor - check out this group!    

Valentina was interviewed by one of our Talent Partners (Aileen Murphy) this month for our latest blog - Check out the details below...  

Team News
Our WFH setups

During the second national lockdown we returned to working from home.

We are looking forward to returning to the office next month but we wanted to share some of our set ups at home.

Here's our WFH pictures!

Vendor Offer

Docker Fundamentals with Matt Saunders

About Matt

Matt is a pragmatic technical operations architect and leader with Adaptavist - the leading Atlassian partner. A Docker user since 2013, Matt has significant experience in deploying Docker based environments and training small and large groups in its use.

About the course:

Are you adopting Docker or Kubernetes to build and maintain robust, highly-available self-healing applications? Join Matt Saunders for this intensive Docker Fundamentals course and learn the key concepts and practises of containerization, and how to containerize on a single node. Then learn the foundations of orchestration, and how to scale out with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes across multiple nodes with seamless scalability.

The course is a combination of virtual classroom lectures and hands-on guided tutorials where you'll deploy real applications on real infrastructure, with Matt's knowledge and experience guiding you all the way.

Matt will be offering Prism Newsletter Subscribers a free 30 min Docker consultation after the course. Please be sure to let Matt know when the course begins.

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Upcoming events:
DevSecOps Days - 4 December

Meet fellow practitioners integrating security into their DevOps practices. Learn about their journeys, share ideas on integrating security into your teams, and trade insights on automating security tools in your DevOps pipeline.

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Come and visit our booth at Global SKILup Festival! 7 December

Visit our booth at the SKILup Festival - Career Fair on the 7th December from 15:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT

After the success of our Global SKILup Day in 2019, the DevOps Institute have created the Global SKILup Festival to you! 

This time for a jam-packed 5 day virtual festival with a Careers Fair, Certifications, Courses, Hackathons, and a full Global SKILup Day!

Register here for this free event!
London DevOps 8 Dec - 18:00

For this meetup we will be welcoming a DevOps VIP - one of the originators of the DevOps movement, Kris Buytaert for an AMA (as me anything) session. Kris spends most of his time working on bridging the gap between developers and operations with a strong focus on High Availability, Scalability, Virtualisation and Large Infrastructure Management projects. Find out much more about Kris here.

There will be interactivity on the night, but please send us your questions for Kris in advance so we can be well prepared! 

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