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OPL Logo June 2021
Fabius   Fabius - WordPress Theme (free)   'Fabius' is a Resume WordPress Theme utilizing the Elementor Page Builder plugin for it's unique layout. This premium theme is free for the month of June only but please note you'll need a free ThemeForest account to download the theme. Cheers CocoBasic for this generous freebie!   Download Free ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
Selly   Selly - Webflow Template ($24)   'Selly' is a unique Landing Page template built for the Webflow no-code builder platform. The author says it's primary created for selling courses and online products but could see this adapted to many other use-cases.   Buy $24 Template ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
Kora   Kora - Bootstrap Template (free)   'Kora' is a free HTML template built by Inovatik on the Bootstrap framework. The design is suited for an App Landing Page but also fitting to promote services.   Download Free ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
Pulaski   Pulaski - Squarespace Template ($12/month)   'Pulaski' is a Squarespace template suited for an online résumé, personal site or even minimal One Page portfolio with stylish typography and generous whitespace.   Get Started for $12/mo ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
Kaven   Kaven - WordPress Theme ($29)   'Kaven' is a One Page portfolio WordPress theme crafted by CocoBasic. The long-scrolling template features a fixed header navigation that scrolls to the portfolio sections. Also worth noting how the project can load extensive case studies within the page, keeping the visitor within the same scrolling experience.   Buy $29 Template ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
Dark Startup   Dark Startup - Carrd Template ($19)   'Dark Startup' is a Carrd template built by Martin Ryden (Drrac) suited for an app Landing Page. Once the template is bought, it gets duplicated to your Carrd account where you can begin edited online without any coding knowledge needed.   Buy $19 Template ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
MNTN   MNTN - Figma Template (free)   'MNTN' is a free Figma template that could be adapted into a unique and colorful Landing Page for almost anything.   Download Free ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
Spotlight   Spotlight - Super Template ($12/month)   Spotlight is a long-scrolling Landing Page template for your mobile app, powered by Notion & Super. Super allows you to build websites using a free Notion account. These templates must be hosted on Super at $12/site/month but the content management is still done within your Notion account.   Get Started for $12/mo ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
DesignKit   DesignKit - Figma Template ($99)   Clean Landing Page wireframe kit (and style guide) for a $99 Figma template called DesignKit.   Buy $99 Template ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
Pavo   Pavo - Bootstrap Template (free)   'Pavo' is a free HTML template built by Inovatik on the Bootstrap framework, suited for an App Landing Page.   Download Free ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
Tailwind UI – Marketing Page   Tailwind UI – Marketing Page - Tailwind CSS Template ($149)   Long-scrolling multipurpose Landing Page template built on the Tailwind CSS framework. This template code is bundled with the Tailwind UI - Marketing bundle at $149. The bundle includes tons of easy copy-to-clipboard HTML code for most Landing Page components you'll need.   Buy $149 Template ➝ Launch Demo ➝  
Speed of Thought   Speed of Thought - Figma Template (free)   'Speed of Thought' is a free Landing Page Figma template by Figmaland. Quite a fan of this dark color scheme and the unique angled screenshots pointing toward the intro CTA buttons.   Download Free ➝ Launch Demo ➝