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22 August 2019

“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life,
take a look in the mirror! ”

Andy Waar, Advisor CROWDLITOKEN

Christian Omlor - from football to CROWDLITOKEN

Christian worked for almost 20 years as a player agent in the international football business, looking for big financiers for football clubs in the upper leagues and meeting the well-known names in football face to face. After graduating from high school, Christian founded his own financial services company and expanded it to four law firms with 40 employees, after a few years he sold his company because the football business attracted him. After becoming aware of our startup, he joined CROWDLITOKEN as Client Manager where he now utilizes his large network in Germany. This involvement with CROWDLITOKEN is also a return to the financial sector

Sam Wright new Sales Manager
in Great Britain

Sam is our new sales manager in Great Britain – welcome! He worked in the real estate sector since the early 2000’s and within the blockchain and finance industries since 2017. He spent most of his career working in the central London property market for high-end Agencies such as Harrods Estates, where he helped push their expansion plan. CROWDLITOKEN initially met Sam in January at the WEF in Davos, when he supported us at a roadshow and now he is looking forward to using his large network in the UK to promote our new financial product and become a major part of the sales team.

Landingpage with webinar in English

To make CROWDLITOKEN easier to explain to interested English-speaking parties, we have now prepared our landing page in English. This landing page - and also the twenty-minute webinar - is now available. In the webinar, Lidia Bolla explains the business model and shows the opportunities and risks of this real estate investment.

Following the Webinar, a live Chat is available for questions. The German Landingpage, where David Hollenstein moderates the Webinar, has already been switched on for a few weeks.

To the landing page

“Fintechrocker”Andy Waar becomes
new advisor

Digital Marketing Monkey. Lawyer. Drummer. That's what Andy Waar, our new advisor, calls himself on his own website. The Fintech theme is also part of Andy's repertoire. With friends from the Fintech scene, he founded the Club, which is only open to recommendations and sponsorship.  Our CSO Lidia Bolla is a member  there. The networking and exchanging of ideas among the rockers has resulted in various good initiatives, products, trainings and courses.

At the start-up YAPEAL, which is building a digital bank, he is Head of Marketing and has built up a respectable Yapster community within a short time. "I am delighted to support CROWDLITOKEN as a sparring partner in marketing and communication. These people have the right mindset. The market will show whether it is already ready for such a product. I won't miss this adventure."

Stay tuned about CROWDLITOKEN on our website or join our Telegram Community.

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