I’m supposed to be getting work done. 

Instead, I’m standing at my kitchen window staring out at what looks like a bird convention. It’s a bit insane, really. There’s a pair of bright red cardinals zipping from tree to tree with a handful of blue jays. Catbirds, or maybe finches, are splashing with Eastern Bluebirds in the puddles on our pool cover. Tens more are bopping around on the stones near the playground. And just as I stood up to get a better look, a huge hawk hovering about a foot above the ground flew past the window and across the entire lawn.

We usually have a lot of birds around here - but this is ridiculous.

Actually, birds aren’t the only ones having a day in my backyard. Earlier this morning a group of eight deer went strolling by…the most I’ve spotted together since we moved to Virginia and only the third time I’ve seen any in our yard at all. 

I’m not sure what the point of telling you this is. Except to say that sometimes it pays to look up and see what’s happening; to take your nose off the grindstone and notice what’s going on around you. Perhaps during this very busy, goal-oriented, ramping up time of year, a nice long stare at some birds is just what you need.

If you work or volunteer for a nonprofit, you know that productivity and efficiency are extremely important to your success. You’re probably doing the work of two or three professionals and switching between tasks at a dizzying pace. All the more reason to come up for air on a regular basis. If you can’t make the time to stare idly out the window - or if you don’t have a wildlife documentary taking place right outside your office - perhaps setting aside a bit of time to generate ideas, work on something creative, or devote to your personal or professional development would do the trick.

Just because you can do everything, doesn’t mean you always should.

That’s my PSA for your week.

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