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I spoke at Canada's Largest Innovation Festival!

I'm really grateful to have had the chance to speak at Elevate Tech Fest last month about quantum machine learning and how it will impact the world. Elevate is Canada's top innovation fest and focuses on exponential technologies that are shaping the future. Other speakers included Eric Schmidt and Al Gore - it was an incredible experience! 

Stay tuned to see my presentation on quantum machine learning!

Machine Intelligence @ CDL

I had the opportunity to attend the Creative Destruction Lab's annual machine intelligence conference where I met Geoffrey Hinton, Richard Sutton, and other industry leaders! The event was super valuable and I learned a ton! (oh yeah, and I also got a selfie with Chris Hadfield 🚀)

Kicking off TKS 2019!

The new TKS program is underway and I'm super excited for the upcoming year! Last year, we spent a lot of time learning about exponential technologies like quantum, AI, VR, and blockchain - this year is focused on using those technologies to solve billion-dollar problems affecting our world.

Quantum Launch at the Ontario Science Centre

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of the brand new quantum exhibit - a collaboration between the OSC and the institute for quantum computing at Waterloo. On top of just looking really cool, the exhibit brings quantum technologies to the masses and shows how we use them in our everyday lives. It was a great opportunity to meet people in the community and share the excitement of a new paradigm in science and technology - shoutout to Maurice Bitran and the OSC team for setting up such a great event!

What's next?

I'm really excited about some upcoming events and projects this month, including the Toronto Machine Learning Summit as well as a new project in quantum computing! I'm also super interested in cognitive architectures and have been reading about different techniques such as SOAR and ACT-R, and would love to hear from you if you can recommend any resources or would be willing to offer me advice in pursuing my interest in the area.

Let's talk! AGI and Cognitive Computing