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May 22, 2020            

The contest announced for the Balts’ Award 2020

On 18 May, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Latvia announced the contest for the Balts’ Award 2020.

The aim of the Balts’ Award is to recognize the excellence and achievements related to individual contribution and accomplishment in promotion of Lithuanian-Latvian and Latvian-Lithuanian translations, teaching and enhancing the use of Lithuanian and Latvian languages, research on the Lithuanian and Latvian tangible and intangible cultural and historic heritage, as well as investigative journalism on Lithuanian and Latvian history, culture and tourism.

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Lithuania sends US medical workers protective equipment

The Lithuanian government on Wednesday allocated 100,000 euros to purchase protective personal equipment for medical workers in the state of Pennsylvania, US.

"As the pandemic continues, we show solidarity [...] by providing support to US medical staff and other key workers involved in life-saving operations," Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis said in a press release.

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Lithuania Following COVID-19: Investment That Will Change Economic DNA

Digitisation and reorientation of industry, attraction of new investment, retraining of the employed in high value-added areas, biotechnology, medical services, deployment of renewable energy sources. These are just a few of the long-term investment proposed by the Ministry of Finance to help the national economy recover after the pandemic and to change it substantially over time.

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Logistics – the next frontier for Lithuanian GBS

“Location, location, location” is not just a catchy term used by realtors, or a key criteria to consider when setting up a new GBS centre. It’s also the decisive factor when it comes to Transport and Logistics. Positioned between three sizeable markets – Western Europe, the Nordics and the CIS – Lithuania boasts a Transport and Logistics sector that accounts for a larger percent of GDP (12%) than any other EU nation.

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US-based developer of cloud computing solutions opens development office in Vilnius

CAST AI, a Florida-based developer of cloud computing solutions, has announced the establishment of a development office in Lithuania. The company, which has already raised $4.8M at begining of 2020, plans to expand its Vilnius-based team to 100 people in the next three years.

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New plant on way in Klaipeda

SBA Group has launched the second stage of the SBA Technology and Innovation Park development process. An automated and robotic factory is about to be built in the cluster developed near Klaipėda, the company informs.

It is expected to provide regional companies with the components needed for furniture production.

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Director Kaupinis wins German film festival's best director award

Lithuanian film director Karolis Kaupinis won the best director award for his debut feature, Nova Lituania, at goEast – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film, in Wiesbaden in early May.

Nova Lituania was among 16 competition titles in the main program. The best director award was awarded to Kaupinis by an international panel, the film's representatives said.

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Lithuania marks 100 years since first elected parliament

Lithuania marks the centenary of the Constituent Seimas, or Constituent Assembly, that was democratically elected in 1920 to draft and adopt Lithuania's first permanent Constitution of 1922.

On the eve of the centenary, the Lijthuanian parliament, Seimas, will pass a resolution marking Lithuania’s first parliament elected by "direct, democratic, universal, equal and secret suffrage".

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Kaunas birthday is expanding: Old Town and more cultural representatives are joining

As Kaunas birthday approaches, the final program of events becomes brighter. One of the highlights that day will be a gala dinner in the very center of the city, to which the old town community enthusiastically joins. On Saturday (May 23) from 5 p. m. the tables arranged at safe distances will stretch not only in the renewed Laisvės avenue., but also in Vilniaus street – all the way to and around the Town Hall Square. In addition, more and more urban cultural organizations are joining the festive initiatives.

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Short stories of Lithuanian art. Antanas Sutkus

The photographer Antanas Sutkus stands out for his ability to build a special emotional connection with his subjects.

His photography conveys subtle psychological states and everyday moments. For Sutkus, the key is to show the humanity of his models.

Along with Romualdas Rakauskas, Aleksandras Macijauskas and other accomplished photographers, Sutkus built a peculiar photographic movement, the so-called Lithuanian school of photography, closely aligned with Western humanist photography.

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Castles and manor houses, architectural ensembles surrounded by green parks, wrapped in a veil of history, adorning the entire landscape of Lithuania like gemstones…
 |        Credits @ Lietuvos pilių ir dvarų asociacija

Paris-based Litvak artist reclaims Lithuanian citizenship

The internationally renowned Paris-based contemporary artist Esther Shalev-Gerz has been presented with the Lithuanian citizenship in acknowledgement of her Litvak roots.

During a short ceremony at the Embassy of Lithuania in Paris on Tuesday, Shalev-Gerz received a Lithuanian passport from Ambassador Nerijus Aleksiejūnas.

Born Gilinsky in Vilnius in 1948, she and her family moved to Israel in 1957. After graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Shalev-Gerz moved to the USA and, subsequently, to Paris.

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Highlight of the Week
Vilnius Restaurants turn into Fashion Displays

Photo credits @ Go Vilnius

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