Here are three self care steps you can do today - best part is they take less than 5 minutes each
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Well I blinked and now it's June

Do you feel a bit like this? It feels like Groundhog Day but time is slipping away so quickly. I am finally feeling like I'm in the swing of things but not every day. I still have completely flat days where I want to watch movies (on my own) all day long but I just can't. I have two little humans who need me and so I keep on going.  Like all of you.  

Self care seems to keep popping up all over the place and as much as I want to meditate every night and read a book and learn things, often after a long day I just don't have the brain capacity. So I've flipped my thoughts on it and am making self care about small daily tasks that will serve me better in the long run.

My top three self care tips

1.  Brush and floss your teeth every night

2. Clean your face before bed - I was gifted this fabulous little sponge for Christmas and absolutely love it. No need for anything else, just wet this and rub your face and voila - fresh face in two minutes

3. Drink one extra glass of water daily - I do it just after I've brushed my teeth.

Don't make it harder than it needs to be - if you already do all of these, good on you. See, you are fitting in self care.  What else do you do to make yourself better? 

Let me know by hitting reply and I'll share them with everybody next month.


Here are two very short videos that will leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the next task. Best thing is, they take only five minutes

5 minute standing pilates workout - arms, legs and butt. Laura at Unwind Pilates Studio squatting
5 minute
Arms, legs and booty

Fit this in between getting dressed and brushing your teeth.

Start standing, legs shoulder width apart and externally rotated

  1. Squats with lateral arm raises
  2. Side bends holding low squat
  3. Squat pulses
  4. Heel lifts holding squat
  5. Squat hold + hug a tree and then hug the moon
5 minute standing pilates workout, legs, butt and total core - Laura at Unwind Pilates Studio single leg deadlift
5 minute
Legs, butt and total core

Fit this in while prepping for dinner - use two tins of beans for extra arm weight

Start standing, legs hip distance apart and parallel near a bench for balance if you need it

  1. Standing single leg lift into deadlift
  2. Full deadlift
  3. Dead lift hold with spine rotation
  4. Standing rotation with lateral bends
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