I’ve been keeping these resources a secret.

I start more projects than I can finish.

One of the projects I started last year was the site www.marketingforwriters.com. I've never shared it, because it's unfinished, but looking over it there's actually a ton of content there to help with your book marketing.

An easy way to market your books is to look for genre or topic-specific blogs, websites and groups by Googling their keywords and seeing what shows up... and then trying to find a way to get your book on those sites.

Last year I did the research for you, and started compiling lists of 100+ places to market books for each individual subject and genre. We made 11, which means over 1,100 sites.

Here are the ones we finished.

Those links may not all be current, but should give you a good head-start (you should still Google keywords like "best scifi books" and see what sites show up).

The site www.marketingforwriters.com also has some great articles on book marketing (click the "start here" tab) - as well as some of the "notes" I'll be turning into courses soon.


Another massive resource I put together recently is this collection of 427 Book Marketing Tips. It's research for my next course, the 21 Day Author Platform, but I decided to share the knowledge. I'll probably start a podcast in the next year or two and start interviewing these experts directly (I've already met lots of them in person).

That's it! Just wanted to share these with you in case they're useful. Hope it helps. If you see anything you like, please share or link to it from your blog. 


Talk to you soon!
Derek Murphy,

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