War in Sudan

It has been almost a month since the outbreak of the war in Sudan. NomadMania as a global organisation pays attention to events which shape our world and in fact also the way we travel.

Fortunately there are travellers who are also NomadMania members all over the world who can provide valuable insights into specific regions.

Jacquelyn Kunz, recipient of the Most Intrepid Traveller Award at our 2022 NomadMania Awards, has lived in Sudan for the last 8 years. 

Now Jackie is at the Egypt-Sudan border helping people fleeing the war. So we interviewed her to hear a little bit about her intrepid travel experiences and to provide more insights into this tragic situation in Sudan including information on how everyone in NomadMania can help.

This interview is available in text and video.

Updated Website Issues

Our team has been working hard to improve the NomadMania website user experience. 

After our last week release of the updated website NomadMania.com, some users reported several bugs and technical issues.

While there are indeed many specific items to improve, often the reason for a glitch is that your browser stores data from the previous version. 

In order to "refresh" it we may suggest the following steps:

  • Clear your browser cache
  • Log out and then log back
  • Try logging in from another browser
    (i.e. if you usually use Chrome, try Safari).

That should solve most of the issues. And, please, don't hesitate to let us know if you still experience any inconvenience using the website. Our team is committed to providing you the best possible NomadMania experience. 

Your feedback matters! Simply fill out ==> THIS FORM
*** you have to be logged in with NM profile. 

Webinar - What Is A Visit (May 27th)

Based on the previous polls where YOU voted and some serious preparation work, our founder, Harry Mitsidis, is going to conduct a webinar explaining our newly codified rules in regard to what is considered to be a minimal visit to a place from now on.

More details and registration here - [WEBINAR] What is a visit

Upcoming Tours (Autumn 2023)

We are planning to run several tours this Fall. In fact, our Libya and Bratislava are almost fully booked already. However there are a few more spots left for our Armenia tour to be held between 23-29 September. A unique trip, never done before, with many unvisited areas on the agenda. So, please, don't delay if you wish to join. 

Here are the details about our Armenia Tour.

Just a reminder that the culmination of our events this year will be the 3rd NomadMania Awards ceremony to be held in Lviv, Ukraine on October 21st with some add-ons trips to Kyiv and Kharkiv in the week leading to that. Save the week starting October 15th. More details coming soon...

NomadMania On Adventure Festival

Recently our Executive Committee director, Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen, spoke on the Adventure Festival, sharing her life of travelling with Danish Adventurers. See her last posts on facebook regarding that experience.

And why not remember our full interview with Mette on our website...

Recently Mette visited Turkmenistan, her 192nd UN country, with only North Korea remaining before she becomes an official NomadMania UN Master.

New UN Master

Meanwhile Randy Williams has just completed the UN Masters list with Turkmenistan being his last 193rd country. He is the one and only Sultan of the Republic of Slowjamastan.

You are welcome to read the interview with His Majesty here on our blog.

NomadMania Meeting in Turkey

Our good friend and one of the biggest Turkish travellers Uğur Demircan is hosting a meeting in Istanbul on May 20th which starts at 11:00 a.m. taking place at the well known travel home and library of the dear late Turkish traveller Orhan Kural.

Prof. Dr. Orhan Kural Gezi Evi ve Kitaplığı
Vefa Bayırı Sokak, Yıldız Sitesi B Blok Zemin Kat D:9
Gayrettepe Beşiktaş/İSTANBUL

Please contact Ugur directly if you are around and want to join.
+90 532 260 95 91
+90 212 241 33 37


That's it for now. Happy travels and until next week!


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