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“But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish so that I may gain Christ,”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭3:7-8‬ ‭

International Workers

Erickson Family Arrived in Senegal
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Please pray for our abilities to jump back into language learning starting next week. Also for God to guide what that will look like here in Senegal.

Pray for our friend here D* that she would be bold in her faith and confess Jesus as Lord. Once she does this she will face persecution some of which had already begun.

Praise God for healing my stomach issues that I’ve had for so long! Also praise God for straightening Lincoln’s back, (he has had scoliosis and his latest X-ray showed significant improvement!) pray God would completely heal his feet which are deformed.

Pray for continued unity amongst our team here.

Pray for us to stand firm on Jesus. It is very spiritually dark and oppressive here, but God is stronger!

Don and Rachel Schaeffer
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Please pray for God's people here in Japan to rise up and point to the life-giving, void-filling Jesus.
Please pray that as Japanese seek different kinds of help during this season of lie, that the Holy Spirit would guide their steps to a church, a Japanese believer, or a foreign missionary.
Please pray for our baby boy #3 who will be delivered through a scheduled C-section on November 26th. We are eager to meet him and learn life with three little boys. In addition to Rachel being admitted into the clinic the day before her surgery, she will also be staying six days after delivery. Please pray for the surgery to go well, for our baby boy to continue growing healthy, and for Don and the boys as they "survive" while Rachel is away.Our daily rhythm of life includes language learning (first two years) and mixing with people in the different facets of our community. Please pray for our words to always be seasoned with the gospel of God's grace!--

The Williams Family
From Senegal to Wausau-Click to read more.
  • Travel safety & health
  • Simon's health concerns & the emotional strain he's under
  • Insurance approval for additional medical testing for Simon
  • Embracing this time in the U.S. while knowing it's temporary
  • Additional ministry partners
Roos Family
Envision France-Click here.

Pray to the Lord of the Harvest
Pray for Fayth and Hannah and the various Covid protocols that their schools have in place.
Pray for the people of France that their eyes may be opened to their need of Jesus.
Pray for those in difficult situations during the second confinement.
Pray for safety for Tony and Raeni as they travel to speak in churches for two weekends.
Pray for continued good health
Pray for opportunities to spread the love of Christ to those we interact with.

Mally and Valary McLoughlin
Serving in Paris, France
  1. Continue to pray for Corinne, my tutor, as I was able to share the story of how Mally and I met with her which included lots about God! Pray for her salvation.
  2. Pray for France as the COVID-19 cases are rising and we have a curfew that may tighten soon. Pray that God would continue to move even as cases rise and that his will would be done.
  3. Pray for my brother-in-law, Simon, who just came out of rehab. Pray that he will be able to do well and not fall back into his old ways of living.
  4. Pray for Mally is he is starting to make videos and tell people’s stories to further the kingdom and advance the gospel.
Michael & Lia Strand
Click here to subscribe to their newsletter from Bosnia-Herzegovina,
  • Lia and I have a language assessment this week. Pray for clear minds.
  • Our team is going through transition again, with another significant person going on Home Assignment in December. Pray for smooth transitions, and for us to accomplish good things.
  • Our team is also looking at our strategy and direction. Pray for insight.
  • The country of BiH has an election on Nov 15, while at the same time has more significant restrictions due to covid19. Pray for peace and healing (just like in the US).
  • A church member, V, has cancer and has been given 2 months to live. Pray for her peace.
  • Pray for the churches here to be united, that factions and division would not be present.

Sam & Jennifer Stemple
Black Forest Academy-Germany

Please pray for our school, Black Forest Academy, as we continue to adjust to regulations and guidelines we must adhere to in Germany to be able to remain open and functioning. 

Pray that we would have no cases of Covid in our school this year, which would cause a 14 day shut down.

Pray for our students as they adjust to a new "normal" this school year. 

Pray specifically in early October for our Spiritual Emphasis Week as we challenge our students towards a deeper walk with Christ.

Please pray for the families of our dorm students who are living and serving in many places that are closed to travel or struggling with this world pandemic. Some of those families left those countries when the pandemic started and have not been able to get back into their countries. Some have not been able to get out of their countries or don't have the freedom of travel to see their children or other ministry options. 

Please pray for our family. Matthew is in his Senior year and needing to make decisions about what he will do next year. Our kids are involved in sports (which are able to run) and both Jen and Sam are leading a small group of Juniors so as we kick off the school year we enter a very busy season both personally and ministry wise.

Pray for our adult children (Jordan and Larisa, and Ellie). It has been a long time since we have seen them and, due to Covid, we are unsure when we will be able to connect personally. This separation is one of the difficult things about living cross culturally. 

Pray for wisdom and perseverance for our kids as they walk through life.
Thanks for Praying ... Continue to Pray!!

Travis & Rebecca Novy
French Language School Albertsville, France

That each family member would be able to hear, speak and understand French.

For their marriage that they would have increased grace for each other as they navigate language school.

    Amelia, age 12
    • For her heart and spirit to heal from so many goodbyes this summer.
    • For Jesus’ peace and comfort as she begins a new school year at the middle school, but without any American friends.
    • That she will learn French and won’t be afraid of trying to speak.
    Lydia, age 11
    • For her first year of middle school without American friends to guide her.
    • For a couple good French friends.
    • That she would also speak French well.
    Bennett, age 9
    • For a good start to his school year.
    • That he is able to pay attention in class and begin to hear, speak, and understand French.
    Tanner, age 7
    • For a good start to the school year.
    • That he can grow in his French speaking and understanding.
    • For a couple of French friends and that this school year would be enjoyable.

S & W
  • Because we cannot get back into our country of service, it looks we are going to transition to Home Assignment. Please p-y for wisdom as we figure out where we are going to live and how we are going to serve this coming Spring.
  • Please p-y for the maternity home as the latest resident has come down with COVID and the house-mom is in a high risk category (asthma). Both the director and the house-mom are very tired and in need of rest and rejuvenation.
  • T & H
    • Praise for a safe reentry into their country.
    • For their daughter, “O” to enjoy her senior year and for wisdom and direction as she plans for college.
    • For two miracles: for the renewal of their visas and for their new ministry to be approved by the government.
    J & J

    -Term 1 at the Life Center went very well and Term 2 is under way
    -We had a church picnic and one of my students accepted our invitation to attend. This was his first exposure to church. This student has been reading the Book and asking questions.
    -Another student asked for a book recommendation, and I suggested the Book, and she said she would read it.
    -We have both recovered from our stint with Covid

    Prayer Requests:
    -Please pray for both B and H’s (mentioned above) hearts of stone to become hearts of flesh, and that the veil would be removed from their eyes as they read the Book
    -Our team was hit hard with Covid, and regaining momentum has been difficult. Please pray for passion, excitement, and endurance for each of us.

    M & L-Home Assignment, Crown College, MN
    • That God would use them to impact students’ lives for His kingdom.
    • For L to find a healthy balance between ministry, family and her midwife studies.
    • For a Christian family living north of Senegal: the husband was arrested and imprisoned for meeting with International Workers and the wife just had a miscarriage. Their colleague in Senegal will be walking with this family.
    • For a new church in Dakar that was recently flooded.
    • A, age 11
      • For God to guide A's spiritual development.
      • Praises: She is doing well with homeschooling online and she met another homeschool girl her age named Molly. Pray that God would guide this friendship.
      S, age 8
      • For God to guide S's spiritual development.
      • Praises: Has a new friend who has similar interests and lives within walking distance of their home. For good health, relief from dairy allergies and no asthma problems.

    B & M

    Pray that country controls its COVID-19 numbers and that the schools can remain open all year. “Please, Lord!”

    Pray for M as she goes weekly to the safe house for translation and friendship—especially with H. Recent scans show that her tumors are shrinking! We continue to pray for a miraculous physical healing of her metastasized cancer. Pray that her faith in Jesus will continue to grow strong through this trial.

    Pray for “Uncle B,” our Iranian refugee friend, who has already gone through so much back in Iran and here in Spain. Please pray for his son back in Iran who is facing persecution for his father’s faith. B is trying to get his son safely to Spain with him. Please pray for B's asylum appointment on Tuesday, October 13, that Spain would grant it to him.

    Please pray for our small team (Arab ministry) of two families. During the past few months, we have sensed a spiritual battle raging against us. We need a prayer covering over our families at this time! We are also beginning to meet weekly for prayer and vision casting. Pray that the Lord would clearly reveal His plan to us.

    Pray for P (age 20) as he studies online with his university in the UK. He is still home with us and plans to return to campus on October 18, at which time he will enter a 2-week quarantine in his dorm. He is supposed to begin in-person classes and soccer training on November 7; however, the COVID-19 numbers in the UK are also rising. Please pray for protection and wisdom for everyone.

    Pray for M (age 22) as he continues to work online and tries to determine his next steps. He is thankful for new work opportunities in the area of web design, sales, and marketing. Please pray that his job from last year as an English language assistant in the public Spanish schools will open up again this fall.

    S & K

    Please pray for D. to submit to Christ and find hope, for the classmate to take deeper steps of faith, for D’s mother and son (for whom he asked for prayer).

    As we seek God’s direction to bring His Hope, would you please join us in bold prayer for His ideas.

    Please pray that the non-believers attending and those who’ve been invited would really pursue their deep life questions, and that God brings still more hungry people.

    Please pray for diligence and for joy in the mini-breakthroughs of language learning when they come!

    Praise: The kids are doing so much better in school this year than last—friends, ability to keep up with the teacher, homework, etc.

    Please pray for our son, Z, to deepen friendships and language ability.

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