If they made Marvel Movies in the 1960s Part 2

(Link to part one HERE.)

You may not know it now, but there was a time long ago that comic book characters barely made anyone any money. In the 1960s they barely paid for the printing and distribution of its halcyon heroes much less for cartoons or movies. That changed dramatically in the early 2000s with Spider-Man (2004) and the great run Marvel had from that time onward (DC didn't do too bad either with Batman).

So, the idea here is to ask oneself what if...

as in, what if the powers that be had enough money and fan attention and technological know-how in the 1960s when Marvel's original cast of characters entered the scene to make feature length movies back then? Who would you cast that was from the A-list (or even C-list) stable of celebrities that were on hand then? Sound like fun? Let's begin!

The Incredible Hulk

Bruce Banner, scientist should go to Oliver Reed. There's not much of a jump to make this guy all big and green and mean.

The Mighty Thor

I'm keeping the original version where there was a weaker mortal-looking man Dr. Don Blake. I'd choose Robert Redford, why not?

Iron Man

For Tony Stark I'd go with Errol Flynn. Eh, yeah he makes it age-wise. Iron Man debuted in 1963 which would have put Errol in his mid-fifties. He's got the mustache for sure.

Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Back in the 1960s he was a white dude. Much as I like Samuel Jackson's portrayal I'd go with Burt Lancaster.


A blind lawyer with enhanced extra sensory capabilities from his other senses! Another actor from that era (well close, 1970s) portrayed a blind investigator 'Longstreet'. James Franciscus.

Dr. Strange

Master of the Mystic arts.
This one's easy, Cesar Romero (yeah, The Joker). This time he doesn't have to whiteface over his mustache!

Submariner (Prince Namor)

This one's easy. Leonard Nimoy! He can even keep the same makeup artist from Star Trek!

This was a lot of fun. Have a great weekend!

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