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Who has read an advanced copy of A Witch Called Red yet?

I want to write a little short story (to clear out the brain fog from editing book 3). What character or element in the Red Witch Chronicles should I explore?

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Blood Type: Tea Positive

I'm still resentful that Halloween is over. I like to keep the spooky spirit of the season alive by being autumn AF. A big part of this is ensuring that I always have some hot steamy beverage by my keyboard. Writing is a thirsty business, after all.

I also like to be dramatic so instead of simply making tea, I like to imagine that I am creating a potion. I do the same when I am making soup. Here are some witchy fun tea recipes by the kitchen witch.


Protection & Cleansing Tea

  • 1 pt bergamot

  • 1 pt black tea

  • 1 squeeze of lemon

(Lazy witch favorite: this is essentially just earl grey tea with lemon)


Love Drawing Tea

  • 1 pt hibiscus

  • 1 pt ginger

  • 1 pt ginseng


Quick Luck

  • 1 pt orange peel

  • 1 pt rose hips

  • 1 pt chamomile

Reads to Sink Your Fangs Into

Death's a bitch.

I hold sway over the dead. Even saying that in my head sounds wrong, but it's true. 

Add in that supernatural beings are wanting to harness my ability, and keeping my secret from my new boyfriend, I wish I had more powers than just over the deceased. But magic always comes with a price.

When you're working with the Roman god of chaos, things can always get worse.

Bacchae, the supernatural creatures that spawned vampire lore, are real. For the last several thousand years, they’ve kept to the shadows. Until now...


HER MAJESTY'S FURY is the second book in the Immortal Relics series, a New Adult Urban Fantasy adventure. Fans of Deborah Harkness, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Roman mythology will love this blend of magic, mayhem, and wry humor.

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They call them Starseeds...

...beings from different galaxies and star systems.

Eighteen-year-old Skylar is just one of them, and when the Academy of Lost Souls comes to claim her, she's left with no choice--no choice but to train to become one of the select-few mages with mystical powers who can save the world from utter darkness.

But, the world could go to complete chaos for all Skylar cares, because those who dragged her to the academy kicking and screaming are the same ones who killed her parents, and a Starseed like her never forgets.

Not even when the wickedly-handsome prince who dragged her to the academy is revealed to be her soulmate. 

And, definitely not when an evil witch orchestrates a vicious scheme to destroy her.

Things just got a little more complicated here on this planet called earth.

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They aren't damsels in distress. Vampire assassins, werewolf hunters, and supernatural women just trying to make it in a modern moonlit world- these are the badass women of urban fantasy.

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