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Hey there,

I've been exploring shortcuts on iOS, and one shortcut that caught my eye recently was the Shazam & Save shortcut.

This shortcut lets me Shazam a song and automatically save it to my Apple Music library.

No more manually going to the Apple Music search page, searching and adding a discovered song.

You can find this shortcut by searching for "Shazam" on the Shortcuts app:


Opening the Shortcuts app and finding this shortcut every time you want to catch a song is tedious and counter-intuitive.

To make this shortcut more accessible, you can add it to your home screen by opening the shortcut options sheet:

I went further and added the Shazam logo as the icon for this shortcut bookmark to make it look like the Shazam app:


Whenever I come across a song that I like and want to add to my library, I tap on this shortcut, and it does the rest:

Pretty handy.

What's even better is that adding a shortcut to the home screen makes it searchable via Spotlight:

Never miss a song with this fantastic shortcut.

Now, grab a coffee, sit tight, and enjoy this week's issue:

Book to Read

The Money Tree

This book will teach you how to make some extra money capitalising on the things you already own and skills you already have. If you're looking to start a side-hustle, this book will be a great starting point.

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Apps & Services

Highlighted ➔

Capture highlights from a physical book

Highlighted lets you create digital highlights from your physical books. Add the book you’re reading to Highlighted and scan for some lines using your phone’s camera to create a highlight. All highlights are searchable. The app recognises scanned text quite accurately, so that's a good experience. Only for iOS.
AirTrack ➔

Get flight pricing updates via Telegram

Travelling will start again soon. If you’ve started planning your next trip, this Telegram bot will help you track flight pricing for your route. Once you set up tracking for a route, AirTrack will send you price updates every time there’s a change in pricing. Flight pricing is volatile; get the best value with this Telegram bot.
Threadsss ➔

Find interesting Twitter threads

Good Twitter threads are fun to read while at the same time informative. Threadsss is a constantly updated collection of useful threads that you can read. I love how threads are sorted by category, which makes this portal even handier.
Umbra ➔

Switch wallpapers based on light/dark mode

Unless you use a dynamic wallpaper, the transition from Light → Dark mode in macOS doesn't change your wallpaper. Umbra lets you choose a wallpaper for each mode — light & dark. When you switch from one mode to another, your wallpaper changes automatically based on your selection — a nifty tool for macOS.

Taking the Shortcut


Delete an entire word instead of a single character in macOS.

Interesting Reads

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17 min read

Instead of fretting about our lost youth, if we learn to accept ageing and enjoy the journey, we can have a happier life. This article highlights some delightful practices that will help you age more gracefully. I liked the "time-warp" method that talks about revisiting your past to relive some happy memories.
You Are Not ‘Behind’ ➔

4 min read

Regretting your past decisions is a recipe for disaster. Instead of lamenting your past mistakes, what if you forgive yourself, learn from the mistakes and move on. Stop comparing yourself to what other people have accomplished by a particular time, and figure out how you can best utilise your time now.
The Present Is Your Friend — Don’t Resist It ➔

4 min read

Getting lost in thoughts about the past or the future robs you of the enjoyment of the present moment. The simplest technique to having a peaceful mind is to focus on what's infront of you right now instead of daydreaming about what could happen in the future.
Use the 50-30-20 rule to be smarter and more successful with your money ➔

2 min read

If you're having a challenging time deciding how to split your paycheck into savings and spending, this 1-min money management hack will guide you. This is a basic split ratio, so feel free to adjust according to your financial goals and current monthly expenses.
Dollar Cost Averaging vs Lump Sum Investing ➔

8 min read

This question boggles my mind: should you make a lumpsum investment, or invest in chunks every month? This article talks about the benefits and pitfalls of both approaches and runs both scenarios through a calculator to project the winning strategy. Which path do you think is a winner?


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