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It's science fiction with a twist.


Written by Keith Champagne
Art by Stefan Tosheff
Letters by Steve Dutro
Published by New Pain Productions
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We have 'Daybreak,' our hero, her sidekick Dawn who wears a Mech-Suit, and the villain Ovince.

Issue One right away we're dropped into Daybreak tied down and Ovince ready to conduct his evil plans on her. He's surrounded by talking chimps and apes who are worried about the consequences. Strange to be sure.

But it gets better.

There's alternative realities, worm holes at play here. Ovince literally wants to suck Daybreak -and all of existence apparently- into a black hole that has a portal right in the center of his chest! I was heartily amused by this device, and it explains the anxious chimps all around.

Inside out, outside in.

As a concept this comic plays around with dimensions which is cool. Daybreak and Dawn deal with the bad guy in good time, with enough left over in the comic to start another story: your typical foiling a bank robbery attempt.

Is Daybreak! a great comic? No. It's really good and entertaining for sure. What might have propped this project up a bit better would have been a page of explanation, of telling me the who what where and how -just a little bit to get up to speed. As it is it's not all that hard to put the pieces together by inference. To me, the best way to use this 'not telling the audience anything' method is where the mystery of the story: its characters and action, carry the interest enough to make you want to keep reading.

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