Humph Hall's 15th Birthday!

Humph Hall/Loosely Woven Newsletter 387

Happy 15th Birthday Humph Hall!

Would you believe Humph Hall's Opening Concert took place exactly 15 years ago on Sunday 21st June, 2009.

Everyone who had been involved in its creation were invited to celebrate its opening with an informal concert by Loosely Woven and lots of yummy refreshments!   :-)

Perhaps you were there on that momentous occasion.

During the last 15 years Humph Hall has been the home of both Loosely Woven and, since 2020, The Corona Ensemble.

We have also seen hundreds of wonderful artists from across the globe come and perform in our wonderful hall!

Below is an alphabetical listing of some of these - click their name to watch video clips.

Alphabetical listing of Humph Hall artists

Afenginn (Denmark)
Alan Reid & Rob van Sante (UK)
Alanna & Alicia Egan Band
Albi & The Wolves (NZ)
Alistair Brown (UK)
Allan Caswell
Ami Williamson
Amnesty Internationl Fundraiser Bash
Andrew Blanch & Areil Nurhadi
Andrew Collins Trio (Canada)
Andsome Friends
Anna Conomos (UK)
Anna Smyrk
Annie Lou Band (Canada)
Another Train
Baggage & Stuff
Ballpoint Penguins
Balmain Baroque
Ben Walker
Bernard Carney (WA)
Beth Patterson & Josh Paxton (US)
Bity Booker
Binna Burra Dreaming CD Launch
Blue Goose Band
Bob Fox (UK)
Bright Blue Gorilla (US)
Broken Candle
Bruce Watson
Cabalie (Sonia Bennett & Bob Bellini)
Celtic Caim (UK)
Chasing the Moon
Chippo Days
Chloe & Ben Hurley
Chloe Matharu (Scotland)
Chris While & Julie Matthews (UK)
Christine Collister (UK) & Michael Fix
Christine Wheeler & Friends
Chrystian Dozza (Brazil)
Colum Sands (UK)
Corn Nut Creek
Crossing Strings (Austria)
Dan Walsh (UK)
Dana Sipos (Canada)
Dapper's Delight (Netherlands)
Dark Horses (UK) (Keith Donnelly & Flossie Malavialle)
David Hyams & Charlie McCarthy
Dawn Barrington 
Dingle Brothers
Dingo's Breakfast
Dorothy-Jane Gosper Band
Duo Jackson (NZ)
East of West
Edwina & Deko (Berlin)
Eleanor McEvoy (Ireland)
Elsley's Elite
Enda Kenny & Dave O'Neill
Ensemble Rastanak
Enzo Toppano & friends
Eric Bogle
Faith i Branko
Frankie Armstrong (UK)
Fred Smith & Liz Frencham
Fuego Blanco
George Mann & Rik Palieri (US)
George Papavgeris & his Los Marbles (UK)
Georgia Cooper
Green Mohair Suits
Greg Thompson
Gregory Page (US) & Liz Frencham in Humph Hall
Gretta Ziller
Hannah Acfield & Kelly Brouhaha
Highly Strung Harp Ensemble (2014)
Highly Strung Harp Ensemble (2019)
Highly Strung Harp Ensemble (2022)
Hugh Matthews
I don't go shearing now (Martyn Wyndham Read)
Irish Mythen (Canada)
Jack Wiard Trio  2018
Jaga Band
Jane Thompson & James Rigby
Jane Thompson & James Rigby
Jaron Freeman-Fox & the Opposite of Everything (Canada)
Jez Lowe (UK)
Joe Filisko & Eric Noden (US)
Joel Havea (Hamburg)
Johanna Knoechel
John Billing (UK)
Jonathan Lynn (Canada)
Josefina Paulson (Sweden)
Judy Turner & Neil Adams - The Robert Louis Stephenson Story
Julia Poppei & Branko Ristic (Serbia/UK)
Karen Law
Kate Maclurcan
Kelly Brouhaha
Ken Nicol (UK) & Fiona Ross 
Khristian Mizzi
Kimberley Wheeler
Lagoon Hill Zydeco
Les Barker (UK)
Lime & Steel
Lindeman Voice Studio Concert 2018
Lindeman Voice Studio Concert 2019
Lines of Flight
Little Rabbit
Liz Frencham
London Klezmer Quartet (UK)
Louey Hesterman's Whimsy
Lucy Wise
Madison Violet (Canda) & Lines of Flight
Margeret & Bob Fagan
Maria Lindsay & Daniel Rojas
Martin Pearson & Liz Frencham
Martyn Wyndham Read & Irish Bishop (UK)
Melissa Crabtree & Dayan Kai (US)
Men with Day Jobs
Men with Day Jobs - Don't Encourage Them!
Mensch Monique!
Mic Conway's National Junk Band
Michael Fix & Mark Cryle
Michael Waugh
Mike Mudd (US)
Mikey Floyd & Bee Higgins
Miriam Lieberman Trio
Nadia Piave
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan (UK)
Nerida Cuddy
Nick Charles
Nick Rheinberger
Northern Resonance (Sweden)
Nuala Kennedy & Eamon O'Leary (Ireland)
Offbeat (NBSC)
Oliver Downes Trio
Pat Burgess & Paul DcComo
Pat Drummond & Karen Lynne
Penny Davies & Roger Ilott
Perch Creek Family Jugband
Pete Denahy
Peter Willey
Phil Davidson
Rachel Collis
'Rain follows the plow' Folk Opera (Excerpts)
Rainy Day Woman (UK)
Rebecca Bastoli
Renny M
RhodeWorks (NZ)
Rick Nestler (US)
Rob McCann & Katy Hooper (UK)
Rory McLeod (UK)
Sadie & Jay
Sancha & the Blue Gypsies
Sarah Fogarty & Margie Salem
Scott Cook (Canada)
Shaky Fate
Skinner & T'witch (UK)
Stephen Taberner & Kristy Bromley (UK)
Steve Turner (UK)
String Theories
Suzette Herft
Swimming to Florida
The Acfields
The Beamish Boys
The Beez (Berlin)
The Bombadils (Canada)
The Chevaliers
The Corona Ensemble
The Fagans
The Go Twos
The Good Girl Song Project
The Good Lovelies (Canada)
The Hollands! (US)
The Hottentots
The Motherpluckers
The Ocelots (UK)
The Peppercorns
The Sauerkrauts (Berlin)
The Sauerkrauts (Berlin) - Don't mention The Wall!  
The String Contingent
The Sunloungers
The Thomsons
The Weeping Willows
Tim Richards
Tom Lewis (UK)
Traditional Graffiti
Tyke Talty
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer (UK)
Vincent Cross (US)
Vov Dylan & Enzo Toppano
Vov Dylan & Glen Amer – Sentimental Journey
Vov Dylan String Ensemble
Waddie Mitchell & Hal & Teresa Cannon (US)
Wheeze & Suck Band
Will Hobkirk
Winter Wilson (UK)

Chronological listing of some recent Loosely Woven concerts

Fogs is the problem!

Aba Daba Honeymoon

Morning Tide

The Colour of Prudence (First ever Humph Hall concert)


Thoroughly Thora

One Voice
Universal Child

Chimes of Freedom
Never Forget You
The Living Years

On the road '14
Dance up the Sun

Spanish Lady
Bright Eyes

Touch the Sky

On the Road '17
Going Home
Across the Ditch (performed in Masterton, New Zealand)
River  (Donald’s Solo)

Fly Away
Feeling Good
Bright Morning Star

Gilbert & Sullivan Gems (performed in Gunning Courthouse)
Trial by Jury (performed in Gunning Courthouse)
Humph Hall’s Birthday Bash Slideshow
Evening Primrose
2019 Day Concert at The Cotswolds

Live from Humph Hall (March)
Heart & Soul

We'll Meet Again
Wired & Awake

Bright Blue Rose
Waltz for Jill
Zero Gravity

Sydney Women's Vocal Orchestra + The Third Voice (7pm, Saturday)

Still plenty of seats left for tomorrow night's really interesting double bill with the Sydney Women's Vocal Orchestra and the vocal trio The Third Voice.

The Sydney Women’s Vocal Orchestra was formed to sing the music arranged and sung in Palembang POW camp during WWII in Sumatra. 

The Third Voice features three strong female voices, mainly unaccompanied. As individuals, Clarita Derwent, Gemma Turner, and Christina Mimmocchi are each experts and soloists in their own right, who crossed paths early in their careers in the well-known vocal group Blindman's Holiday.

Coming up at Humph Hall . . .

Rusty Pickups + Stafford Sanders

7pm, Saturday 27th July

Balls & Chains - The Musical (Loosely Woven)

1pm + 5pm, Sat. 7th Sept

Matt Scullion

7pm, Saturday 14th September

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Formerly the Allambie Heights Uniting Church, Humph Hall is now the private home of Gial & Wayne.

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