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DPC Newsletter - November 2020

Hi and welcome to the DPC newsletter for November 2020.

As we move into lockdown, yet again, I'm promoting the virtual courses.

  1. Missing your camera club then why not join the DPC Zoom Camera Club - Thursdays 7.30-9 pm

  2. If you would like to learn Lightroom in Bite-Sized blocks the join our four week Evening Lightroom Course – Mondays from 9th November

  3. Got a problem or just want a short course on a topic of your choice then take a look at the NEW Ask Glen Quick Fix sessions –

  4. November Newsletter Photo Theme is – Wet Reflects. You know the score then post on Facebook.

Glen, Jacqui & Misty.

PS. If you got this far and you are wondering why it’s such a short newsletter it’s because I’m not sure anyone reads it. I think we are all bombarded by so many newsletters, surveys and notifications from every source that I don’t think we have the time to read them all.

So, apart from this bit, I’ve minimized the content, but if you do want the info, it’s on the website.

  1. What do you think?
  2. Do you read the newsletter?
  3. Let me know either way.

Glen, Jacqui and Misty.

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