Release of The Resignation

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Release Day for The Resignation

Greetings Readers!

My first book under RM Durand is now LIVE! A vampire romance novella with a wicked twist at the end!

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Cashel’s indecent proposal could push Braxton to take his last breath…

Braxton has had it with his dead-end job.

After four years of long hours with dismal pay, he hands in his resignation. When he finds out the new company pays more and offers tuition assistance, he jumps at the chance.

CEO Cashel needs a lover and Braxton is the one he must have.

Cashel has hungered to approach his mailroom employee, but his insecurities held him back. When he discovers his desired is leaving, he knows this would be the last chance to ask Braxton to be his lover for all eternity.

Braxton might have to give up everything to be Cashel’s lover, but why work when all his needs would be met by a sexy immortal?  

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Nerds Like Us FREEBIE

Nerds Like Us was one of my most successful books to date. Seems like readers loved James and Will. 

One reader asked if I'd do a short for them with another hot scene and a proposal. Although it took me a couple of months, I fulfilled that request. 

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Will has the dumbest luck!

Will is a poor suburban white kid with no clue what he’ll do in life. When his nemesis exclaims, he’s sitting at the wrong table, Will braces himself for a punch that could alter his face. No amount of makeup would cover that up.

Enter James who is the handsome bisexual version of Richie Rich. Instead of burying his head in the books, his plans are derailed when he stops a bully from manhandling Will. Despite walking away, James makes up his mind he and the cutie will get better acquainted.

Although James rescued Will, he isn’t convinced the jock likes him. Not until the impromptu meeting at the mall snowballs into something more.

Will is the first guy to pique James’ interest. Extra kudos for wearing skinny jeans and nail polish. But will that nerd accept one of James’ kinks? Although the chances are high, James worries his valiant effort to save the dorky hottie will be wasted.

This book is a kinky, sexy, low-angst standalone with an adorable dork who has an affinity for guyliner, and a handsome stud who likes frilly things and cum play.

You have been warned!

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Triad Titillation fangroup!

So I created my fan group! YAY!

I'll be talking about all my releases, post exclusive excerpts, doing giveaways, monthly chats, and having great conversation. It started Monday and I already have a nice little number of members. I'd always welcome more.

This is for all my muses, so that means, Michael, BL, Veronica MF, Brooklyn FF, and Rawiya as well as Michael's vampire alter ego, RM Durand.

If you do Facebook, please come join us!

Triad Titillation

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