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My Top 4 Relationship Tips

Of all the things that promotes stress in people’s lives, relationship problems rank high on the list. Whether it’s between adults, family, friends, or children, relationship challenges are inevitable.

But what if there were some simple ways to make relationships easier? What if you could be proactive to ensure relationships are always positive and are not stressful. Would you take a chance and try something new in order to reduce stress in this area of your life?

To help you have more peaceful relationships and less stress, here are my top four (4) relationship tips that can transform your life by reducing stress prompted by relationships. While these tips may seem simple at first glance, they are truly powerful tools that we should all practice until they become habits.

1. Give affirmations.

A simple acknowledgment can have dramatic results. This is especially important with young people. They want to assert their independence and autonomy. So just acknowledging that you have HEARD their point of view, regardless of agreement, can have a profound and positive effect on any relationship that you want keep positive.

2. Be a good listener.

Simply give your full attention to the person speaking. By using eye contact, a nod now and then, and an occasional interjection, you communicate that you are “with” the person. It helps others feel that you are not only listening, but also hearing what they are saying. Remember that The quickest way to ruin a relationship is to demonstrate apathy to another person.

3. Focus on understanding—rather than attempting to influence.

Rather than assuming you know the reasoning behind another person’s viewpoint, ask reflective questions. Using this process, the person articulates the reasoning, and you may find that the person’s reasoning is well worth considering. You may receive insight into the other person that will assist you in your discussions and and understanding of that person.

4. Don’t assume.

Assumptions are guesses, and guesses often lead to mistakes. In addition, it is very difficult to articulate one’s motivation. Ask someone (especially a young person) what motivates their behavior, and you will hear, “I don’t know.”

Tip: When you implement these four (4) practices into your life, you’ll experience stronger relationships with others and significantly reduce stress. As with any change, the key is to practice the new action consistently. The more you apply these practices, the better and more enjoyable your relationships will become.

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