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Launch Team Members Get Exclusive VIP Benefits!

Your reach could provide much-needed power for the Beautiful Warrior message to launch. If you join my inner circle of launch team members, I'll offer exclusive contests and gifts to reward your efforts, including tee shirts and the chance to grab a padded laptop backpack, necklace, or secret gifts to be revealed later.

  • Memes and quotes will be provided to you, so it'll be easier to share.
  • We'll have our own Facebook castle to hang out in.
  • I'll offer steps to make it easy for you to follow through and champion a collective victory.
  • We will have a party, and you'll be my esteemed guests!
  • There will be fabulous gifts and a grand prize (either a Kindle Fire 10 or prize/gift card of comparable value).


Schedule a slot on the blog tour! This opportunity is limited to the first applicants who grab a spot on the calendar, so respond and get your date set right away. Blog tour participants get exposure for their blog in addition to an extra $175 contest only for those who post reviews of Beautiful Warrior on their blog and retailer sites. Because of Amazon's rules, my blog warriors will need to purchase a book to participate. But you'll each receive gifts and the blog team will promote the blogs of other members.

Blog Warrior Requirements:

  • An existing blog with at least twenty followers
  • Active social media presence with frequent engagement
  • Commitment to purchase a book on Amazon
  • Pledge to post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble
  • Pledge to feature Beautiful Warrior on your blog on the scheduled date
  • Agreement to share blog posts of other warrior tour members weekly

Blog Warrior Benefits:

  • Increased blog exposure
  • Free advanced e-copy
  • Free bonus gift 
  • Entry into exclusive giveaway with gifts and a grand prize of $175, all of which are separate from other contests and limited to blog warrior participants
  • My utmost gratitude and unlimited virtual hugs

You can either join ONE or BOTH teams!

If you want in, click the dedicated link(s) below!

Include me in the Launch!
I'll be a Blog Warrior!
Tina Yeager

Post Office Box 1929, Ocala
United States

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