Dear Friends:  Since the last newsletter, I have had more orders than I can remember.  Thank you all for loving what I do.  I am happy I signed up to live a thousand years.  And yes I am saying 'no'.  I don't need no stinking badge...needle.

You are going to love my new art form of sorts.  A hardwood, stainless steel structure for the kitchen.  It requires very little real estate and keeps your dishcloth dry and sweet.  I call it a Dishcloth Caddy.   It kills bacteria, pathogens and the sorts to stay in line with my detox campaigns and they are beautiful.

Each caddy is handmade, unique and numbered. Unlike a lot of things today that are very expensive and have a very very short life span (iPhones, computers and good shoes), you may find this hardwood, stainless steel structure in 150 years still waving dishcloths on your kitchen counter...or a grand daughter's kitchen counter.

The caddies in this art form were designed for beauty. The hardwood varies. Oak, alder, hickory and walnut is the hardwood we are using for this limited edition. The hardwood is all natural. No paint, stain or chemical is applied. We apply a food grade odorless mineral oil used in treating butcher block. The stainless steel 304 rod is also food grade.

The function of this art form is even more important. Using a 100% cotton waffle type dishcloth as shown in the picture, you will never experience a sour smelling dishcloth again. The structure of the dishcloth caddy opens a space for your dishcloth to breathe. This oxygen kills bacteria, fungus and other pathogens. During the 6 months of testing, the same dishcloth was used for cleaning the counters and stove. After every use, it was rinsed with hot water and hung to dry single layered on a caddy. It was never washed in a washing machine and after six months up to today it is still fresh and sweet. The total height of the caddy is about 9 inches and the width of the cross beam is about 7 inches.
You will find the inventory in the Art Gallery of the website. The caddies that you see on the website are numbered. The numbered caddy that you choose is the actual one that you will receive.

I am getting a lot of calls and helping people with their questions about our products.  Keep them coming.  My greatest joy is talking with you as we move together to a healthier, happier state of freedom and love.



Christopher Cody | 2701 N 7th St, Phoenix
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