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Monthly Newsletter
September 2020 Edition

Prayer for the Oppressed 

Look with pity, O heavenly Father, upon the people in this land who live with injustice, terror, disease, and death as their constant companions. Have mercy upon us. Help us to eliminate our cruelty of these to our neighbors. Strengthen those who spend their lives establishing equal protection of the law and equal opportunities for all. And grant that every one of us may enjoy a fair portion of the riches of this land; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

A Letter from the Senior Warden

September 1, 2020

Search Committee Update:

  • Canon Amy provided an orientation and overview of the search process for the Search Committee. She shared her Trello Search Board with the committee. It includes a timeline and many examples for our use.
  • The Search Committee is working on several documents to submit to Canon Amy in order to post our position opening.
  • The Search Committee met on Sunday, August 23 and will be meeting weekly.
  • We are creating a “profile” of our church that serves as a kind of ad for our area and our congregation. This will be designed and include pictures of St. John’s and events.
  • We are also answering a series of 12 narrative questions that go into greater detail about St. John’s following a standard template. This is a kind of interview of ourselves to present to the candidates.
  • Once we have revised these documents, we will present them to the Vestry for review then share them with the congregation.
  • Our hope is to post the position this fall if possible.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Ed Cyzewski and Sharon Hart

Search Committee Members

Liturgically Speaking

Q. What is the Anglican Communion?

A. Every Sunday during the Prayers of the People, we pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury and for one or more dioceses/churches in the Anglican Communion. That is because the Episcopal Church is a member of the Anglican Communion. The Anglican Communion is the worldwide assembly of churches that are in communion with the Church of England and under the spiritual oversight of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The name “Anglican” means “of England,” but the Anglican Church exists worldwide, comprising 85 million people in over 165 countries. The Anglican Church was originally spread to other countries through colonization, but as the colonies became independent, so did their churches. Eventually, these churches became autonomous provinces of the Anglican Communion. While these churches were autonomous in governance, they were bound together by a common heritage concerning Anglican identity and commitment to scripture, tradition and reason as sources of authority.

Currently there are 38 independent Anglican national churches, none of which has authority over any other. There is no central administration: no Pope, no Patriarch, no Parliament or Congress. No one is recognized as the “head” of all the churches that make up the Anglican Communion. The Archbishop of Canterbury, who is selected by the government of Great Britain, is regarded as its titular head, and is described as primus inter pares—first among equals—of the various Primates of the Anglican Communion. There is a structure for doctrinal centralization, but since there is no central authority, the doctrine is followed by consensus and not by mandate.

In addition to the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Lambeth Conference, first held in 1867, is another of the four Instruments of Unity. It is the oldest international consultation and is held (generally) every ten years, with the Archbishop of Canterbury issuing the invitation. It is a forum for bishops of the Communion to reinforce unity and collegiality through the episcopate, to discuss matters of mutual concern and to pass resolutions intended to act as guideposts.

The third Instrument of Unity is the Anglican Consultative Council, which was created by a 1968 Lambeth Conference resolution. It first met in 1971 at Limuru, Kenya and usually meets at three-year intervals in various locations throughout the Anglican Communion. The council consists of representative bishops, clergy and laity chosen by the 38 provinces. Its purpose is to provide consultation and guidance on policy issues, such as world mission and ecumenism, for the Anglican Communion.

The fourth Instrument of Unity is the Primates’ Meeting which was established in 1978 to enable regular consultation among the primates of the Anglican Communion. The meetings also provide opportunities for collegiality and enable the primates to provide support for the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Between 1984 and 1990, the Anglican Consultative Council developed the Five Marks of Mission. Since then, they have been widely accepted throughout the Anglican Communion as an understanding of what contemporary mission is about and have given parishes and dioceses around the world a practical and memorable checklist for mission activities. The Five Marks of Mission are:

  • To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom
  • To teach, baptize and nurture new believers
  • To respond to human need by loving service
  • To seek to transform unjust structures of society
  • To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

The Ven. Rose Bogal-Allbritten, Deacon

Worship Committee

September 16th

Christian Formation is back in session!

Christian formation will be returning virtually this year. Beginning September 16th you can join either Rite 13 or Adult Forum via Zoom on Wednesdays from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm.

For questions regarding Rite 13 please contact Susanne D'Angelo. For questions regarding Adult Forum please contact Brian Clardy.

Godly Play will be returning virtually via Zoom on Wednesday's from 6:00 pm-6:30 pm. For questions regarding Godly Play please contact Angie Mills.

Led by Angie Mills and Sharon Hart
Virtual Godly Play

Starting September 16th ,Godly Play will begin on Wednesday night’s at 6pm via zoom. Sharon and I are looking forward to seeing all the kids in our virtual setting! Parents, we will keep the session to about 30 minutes each night. We will gather, I will share a story and wondering questions, we will pray, and the children will “work” on their own. Those with Godly Play experience may want to “feast” with their family. Janie is preparing work materials for each child. Please contact her if your child plans to participate. This class is for children ages 5-12. Parents are welcome to listen. There will be two safeguarded adults on each meeting. Our first session on the 16th will be a welcome back session without a story so there will be time for everyone to share and ask questions. Once the children are dismissed on the 16th there will be time for parents to join the conversation and ask questions. Details about the zoom meeting will be available in September. Contact me with any questions.

God’s Peace,

Angie Mills


Led by Susanne D'Angelo

Rite 13

Parents and Students,
I am so excited that our Christian Formation Classes are resuming in September! Although they will be on Wednesday evenings and remotely, it will be good to get back to our studies.
We will continue our Rite 13 lessons - Understanding Millennium Development Goals, beginning with Compassion and Acts of Mercy. We will also continue to learn the books of the Bible, what section of the Bible they are in, and where to find them in the Bible.
I hope you (my students) are as excited as I am about learning what God wants us to do and be, for Him!
God’s Peace,

Led By Brian Clardy

Adult Formum

If you have an interest in understanding the nature of Jesus' Crucifixion and how His Divinity and Humanity were significant in making that loving sacrifice, I invite you to read Jurgen Moltmann's "The Crucified God." We will explore the various Chistological themes from the book and how they can apply to our own faith walk and life perspective. 

This class will last a total of four weeks. 
The book will be provided to those who would like to join the class. The cost per book is $22.99. If you are able to help with paying for your copy of the book you can do so by either mailing in a check to the church or via Easy Tithe as a general church budget donation. 

Please contact the Parish Administrator, Janie, if you would like a copy of the book and she will help make sure you get a copy.

A Move is Underway—Your Help is Needed

In 1997, the building that we have known as Canterbury House was purchased by St. John’s with funds donated by a member of the congregation who wanted a building that would be dedicated to the use of Episcopal Murray State University students. The house was well-worn when it was purchased but the location was ideal since it was next to St. John’s property. It served its purpose for 23 years, but upon inspection this summer, it was discovered that Canterbury House was no longer a safe place for the students. Windows were rotting and mold was beginning to form in the building. Given the age and condition of the building, the vestry decided that extensive repairs to Canterbury House were prohibitive and began to look into other alternatives.

When St. John’s began a capital campaign in 2015 to build a new parish hall, the long-term plan included renovations that would allow us to move the offices of the rector, deacon and parish administrator to the old parish hall and to move the students into the office building. The move was in the plans, but not at this time. We made the move out of necessity not choice.

The good news is that the students have moved and are settling into their new home and meeting place. Moving the students, however, meant that offices had to be created as soon as possible for the rector, deacon and parish administrator. The vestry formed a construction committee and charged it with determining the feasibility and cost of renovating the old kitchen and old nursery areas for use as parish office space. The committee was chaired by John Hart and included Deacon Rose, Barbara Cobb, Janie Green, Erika Mehta, Jay Mehta, and Bill Mills. The committee divided into subcommittees to investigate the physical layout of the renovated spaces, the HVAC requirements, the electrical requirements, the network/internet requirements, and legal requirements. The committee met with contractors with whom St. John’s has recently worked to develop the plan and estimate costs. The committee’s recommendation included the creation of separate offices for the rector, deacon and parish administrator and provided for the secure storage of parish records.

The vestry carefully considered the recommendation as well as its financial consequences and decided to move forward with the renovation. While we feel this decision is prudent, the cost of approximately $25,000 will draw heavily on our savings. Additionally, we have just learned that the “new” Canterbury House needs a new roof and has some major plumbing issues. For security reasons, the locks needed to be replaced and the front porch, which was deteriorating, had to be removed. These are not items that can be delayed to a future time, so our financial obligation has grown by another $11,000. Please prayerfully consider making a donation toward the cost of this renovation and repair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you can make a contribution, please let our treasurer, Jay Mehta, know. If you are unable to contribute financially, we will need help with painting both the new offices and the new windows in the old parish hall—we are doing this to save on costs. If you can help with the painting, please let Erika Mehta, our buildings and grounds chair, know your availability. Thank you for all the ways in which you support our St. John’s community.

We're back to meeting again!

The Episcopal College Fellowship Update

The semester has started and so has our weekly meetings. This semester we will be doing an in depth book study of Reading the Bible from the Margins by Miguel A. De La Torre. To maintain social distancing and stay healthy during this time of COVID-19 we will only be meeting via Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm. If you know a college student at Murray State who may be interested please have them fill out the contact us section of our website here or send an email to us at This will allow us to be in contact with them and invite them to the weekly meetings.

You can keep up to date via our Social Media here
Giving Opportunity

Scan the QR code for a link to our giving website or click the button below.

September Special Collection for                 West Louisville Now

During the month of September, our monthly special collection will be designated for West Louisville Now, a Diocesan-wide appeal to fund crucial repairs needed at our two predominantly African American Episcopal congregations, St. George’s and Our Merciful Saviour so that they can continue their vital presence and humanitarian services in West Louisville. Checks should be made out to St. John’s with “West Louisville Now” in the memo line. If you would like to donate online, St. John’s Easy Tithe will also have a West Louisville Now option during the month of September.

Giving Website
Canterbury House is looking for donations!

Do you have old furniture you would like to get rid of?

As we all know Canterbury House has been moved into the old office building. With that being said, they are in need of a coffee table, end tables, and night stands. If you have any of the these items that you just do not want anymore or do not have room for you can donate it to Canterbury House and the students will put it to good use. If you would like to donate please contact Erika Mehta.

Our Sunday and Weekday Services Continue Online

Dear Friends in Christ,

Another month has passed and our COVID-19 situation in Calloway County has only gotten worse. The number of cases has increased and we have yet to see the impact that students returning to Murray State and the local school systems as well as the Labor Day weekend will have on our community. For this reason, the vestry has once again decided to delay the return to in-person services. St. John’s is not alone in this decision. All except one of the congregations in our Deanery, and the majority of congregations in our Diocese have made the same decision. This isn’t what we want to do, it is what we need to do to keep everyone safe. I know that some of you will be disappointed, but please remember that there are many things in addition to in-person services that make us a community. Please consider joining the Zoom coffee hour that is held every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. This a way to see and talk to others in our congregation. If, for some reason, you do not receive the Zoom invitations, please email or call me. Please consider calling or writing a short note to members of St. John’s; a number of people in the congregation live alone and I am sure that they would appreciate a call or a card. Above all, please pray for one another. These are difficult times for everyone but, as Governor Beshear says: “We will get through this. We will get through this together.” I have no doubt that, with God’s help, St. John’s will come out of this as an even stronger community than we were on March 8th, the last day that we held in-person services.

God’s peace,


Hey you! We want to hear from you! Yes you!

The St. John's Family Photo Initiative: Staying Connected

Thanks to everyone who has submitted a picture to share with your St. John's family on our Facebook page and website! It has been a great way to keep us connected. If you haven't yet submitted a photo of your own, we want to know how you're doing and what you're up to!

See what others have been up to on our website and let it inspire your inner photographer!

Don't worry if you're camera shy, you could send a picture of your garden, a project you're working on, a pet, anything! And remember, you are a member of our family if you've been to one service or a million!

Help us keep our family connection strong through our social distancing. Send your photo(s) and a brief description to Janie @ and she will upload it all for you.

Septemeber 3rd and 17th 11am-4pm

American Red Cross Blood Drive at St. John's: Come Donate

The American Red Cross will be holding a blood drive at St. John's on September 3rd and 17th from 11am-4pm. You can click here to register for the blood drive ahead of time. 

Blessing Box Updates

The items on the list below are the most frequently requested items, but all non perishable foods are accepted. If you prefer not to shop and would rather donate to the blessing box fund, you can do so via Easy Tithe at the below button and the Parish Admin will do the grocery shopping for you with the donated funds. Thank you in advance, for the generosity that is one of the hallmarks of St. John's.  If you have questions please contact the parish administrator, Janie. 

For several logistical reasons the blessing box will be returning to single/loose items rather than meal kits for the time being.

Give to the Blessing Box Via Easy Tithe Here

Blessing Box Most Requested Items

Canned Meats: Spam, Vienna sausage, ham, tuna, chicken, chili, beef stew

Drink mixes/additions: sugar, Kool-aid mix, dry milk, baby formula, coffee, dry coffee creamer 

Ramen Noodles beef & chicken; canned vegetables variety

Canned fruit or fruit cups, apple sauce cups/pouches for kids

Spaghetti Noodles & Spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce, & powder cheese

Mac & Cheese; Mashed Potatoes with brown gravy packet mix

Peanut butter & jelly with saltine crackers

Jar baby food- variety of ages and flavors

Hamburger helper meals that can use chicken as the meat option

Canned spaghetti o's type products

The Blessing Box got some much needed structural repairs

The blessing box has received some upgrades recently. The bottom board has been replaced as it was worn from the outdoor elements with new more weather proof materials. The box itself was also slightly raised to help with keeping everything up out of the water that collects when it rains. These upgrades are greatly appreciated and help to further serve the community in the safest way possible. Thank you to everyone who has been apart of getting this project completed! You are greatly appreciated!

Want to Sponsor Flowers for Sunday Service?

If you would like to “sponsor” altar flowers for one Sunday or more, please let Janie know. The cost for flowers is $25 per Sunday. Flowers can be dedicated in someone’s honor or memory or in thanksgiving for someone or something. Checks can be written to St. John’s with “flowers” in the memo line and either mailed or dropped off at the office (using the slot in the front door). If you would prefer to use Easy Tithe, please chose “General Church Budget”.

Upcoming Events

(These events are subject to change due to COVID-19 please seek further information regarding these dates)

Sept 11-13: Four River’s Deanery Youth Mission Trip

Nov 13-15: Diocesan Convention Paducah

Free Public Book Discussion on Mental Health

Rev. Ruth Ragovin, pastor at First Christian Church, is hosting a book discussion of Suspended Sentence by Janice Morgan. The book tells about her family's struggles with bipolar II and substance use and shows how a young man and his mom find ways to confront these issues through his time in Drug CourtWe had a nice group going last January/February but were interrupted by the Covid shutdown, so now we're starting up again via Zoom with Chapter 9-19 in September. 

Suspended Sentence Discussion times via Zoom: 

  • September 24th: Chapter 9-19
  • October 22nd: Chapters 20-31
  • November 12th: Wrap-up and special presentations by the Bensons of NAMI (mental health family support group) and by Jeannie Carson of Drug Court, Calloway County

You can order books from Amazon (paperback or e-book as your prefer.)

For the Zoom link, please contact First Christian at

For any questions, please contact Janice at

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you on Zoom, as it's a good way to stay in touch. We can even have smaller, break-out discussion groups in case we need them. If you need Zoom help, Debbie at First Christian will give tutorials in September. You can access this tool either from you laptop or your smartphone. Give it a try if you haven't yet! 

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Are you curious about how to submit information for the newsletter?

If you want to submit information to be included in the newsletter, please send your submission to Janie the parish administrator at and she will include it in the next month's newsletter if appropriate. Submissions for the October newsletter are due by September 29th.  Please contact Janie with any questions.

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