Stringer is LIVE!

I'm happy to say the release of Stringer went off without a hitch. A huge thank you goes out to Roxanne who already left a review on several sites. Reviews are always appreciated! 

If you're interested in reading Stringer and leaving a review on your favourite book site, reply to this email. It's not too late to get a digital ARC.

Here's the blurb one more time...

Book one in a gripping new investigative reporter series for fans of crime thrillers and espionage.

She knew it

Even before Clay confessed to the accidental murder of her best friend’s husband, Linda knew he was a killer. But the murder was no accident, and with Clay’s unknowing help, she intends to prove he planned it all along.

He knew it. 

When a body is dumped in the Elbow River, Clay knows the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is about to make their move. He suspected all along they’d transferred him only to plot his death, and reporter Linda Reeves will help him prove it.

With CSIS on the move, can Linda help Clay before he’s discovered, and they’re both wiped out for good—or is her only goal to prove he’s a murderer?

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A Series Recommendation

This past week, I listened to the first two books in the Cass Leary legal thriller series, and I bought three more that I'm anxious to listen to! (It's perfect research for book two in the Rogue Reporter series which focuses on litigator Sadie Patel.) So, even though I haven't read the full series, I have no doubt you will enjoy these books. I'll be listening to the other three (and probably purchasing more) in the very near future. 

Right from the start I loved Robin's character Cass. So much so that I thought a lot about what it was that I loved about Cass and her story. I even wrote a blog post inspired by all my thinking. To summarize the post, I'm drawn to women characters who stand up for what they believe in, are flawed in some way (Cass had an affair with her mobster boss), and aren't afraid to own up to that flaw or even use it to their advantage. Often these characters are very self-aware as well, which I love.

Clicking the button below will get you 20% off audiobooks at Chirp using my affiliate link. Last time I checked, Burden of Truth (book one in the Cass Leary series) was only 1.99 USD!

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I'm excited to get to work on Life on the Road. This book is about John Johnson from Warming My Winter Heart. It's a drama and goes into detail about John's life growing up with his alcoholic musician father. 

That's all my writing news for this month. 

Take care and all the best!


Happy Reading
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