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Does Airbnb Have The Best Career Site?

Recruiters and candidates alike have singled out Airbnb's career site as one of the best out there. This article that we wrote breaks down what works and what doesn't work. 

Online Racial Equity Workshops

Eventbrite has collected a list of events and workshops to educate people on the topic of race equity. 

Sora raised $5.3M

Sora wants to connected disparate HR tools with a low-code/no-code service that helps companies automate their HR processes. 

Work Tools

In this article, Pietro Invernizzi maps the future of work. If you are in need of tools to optimize your working experience then check this out. There are a bunch hiring tools, but it's a much more broad list meant for many different workflows. 

Fresh Take On Job Ads

Superhuman is breaking the from the mold with their take on job ads that look almost more like a blog post. They use large headers with different colored font and emojis. They also spend more time talking about the mission than they do about the job. This is done using a deeper integration with their Greenhouse API. 

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