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Welcome to my Universe!

Holy Changes Batman!

Wow, it has been a month! How are you doing? I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy. So much has changed this past month, yet so much has stayed the same if that makes sense at all. For anyone who is sheltering at home during this pandemic, it probably does.

I have a "day job" which sent me home in mid-March to work remotely. A lot of what I do is project-based, and I am pretty self-motivated, so the change has actually worked out in my favor. The flexibility really suits my personality, so I'd be fibbing if I said I wasn't happy with my current situation.

The first couple of weeks were the roughest for me and the lack of routine was really what it ended up being. Once I got myself on a schedule, I was set! I have managed to get the final draft of Heaven on Earth to my Editor, and have already received her feedback. I can't wait to dive in and get this book ready for you to read this summer! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, you can link to my email at the button below. I would love to know how you are doing.

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Looking for ARC Readers!

Heaven on Earth - Book 4!

I am still looking for Advance Reader Copy (ARC) reviewers for the final book in my series, so if anyone is interested, please give the button below a click and shoot me an email. I will be sure to put you on my special list for upcoming opportunities! 

I anticipate that ARC copies will be sent out in July, since I had to push the schedule a bit to accomodate some last minute changes that will be needed in the manuscript. I still plan to launch the book in late summer, and the box set by fall. I just want to be sure that it wraps up all of the loose ends that I have going on in the story. If there are characters you are curious about, or storylines you feel need to be addressed, please let me know. I always love hearing from you!

Email request for ARC Team
I could use your help with...

If you have read any, or all, the books so far in the series, I would like to ask you a favor. I am looking for honest reviews to be posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Goodreads. Having reviews at these sites helps my books be seen by other awesome readers like you! The links below will get you to those sites. 


If purchases or downloads were made here, this link will take you to my Author page. From there you can click on the book you would like to leave the review for.

Barnes & Noble

If purchases or downloads were made here, this link will take you to the title page. Just click on the link for the book you would like to leave a review for.


If purchases or downloads were made here, this link will take you to Sea of Dreams. From there you can click on the link for each book.


If you purchased the book directly from me, or received it as a gift, you can use the Goodreads link here to leave a review.

I am also present on BookBub here.

As a special thank you....

For any reviews posted on any of these sites, I will send you a small gift!  Everyone loves book bling, and these beaded bookmarks are hand-made and no two are alike! I also have a special magickal surprise inside the envelope that can answer a question you have been thinking about. Lastly, I will send a magnet with my spiffy new author logo on it!

You just need to email me the link to your review, your address, and be sure to let me know in the subject lineyou are looking for your book review thank you. Once I receive your email, I will get your gift in the mail to you! Easy breezy!  

Send your review links to DA
Dark Witch Image by Rondell Melling -
Origins of Witchcraft Series

Mythical Creature Mondays

At the time of writing this newsletter, I have been home for 6.5 weeks, and I am starting to miss my family and friends. Virtual parties just aren't the same, but they have been what we have been keeping in touch with. It looks as though I will have another few weeks of this, while my husband will be going back to work and venturing out in the world on a more regular basis. Wearing masks and sanitizing everything we touch has become our new norm.

The benefit to hunkering down for me, is that I have had time to produce a LOT of content. In addition to my Saturday posts, I have added my Origins of Witchcraft series posts on Mondays. I am researching the goddesses of witchcraft from all over the world, and if you haven't checked it out yet, I have put a link to the index that lists my Mythical Creature posts in the button below.

I am still working on some short pieces which I had intended on distributing but needed more work than I realized. Pretty much every project is that way for me, lol. I am hoping to have something out by June. The research for the witchcraft essays has been pretty time-consuming, but I have some time penciled in for myself coming up in the next couple of weeks! 

If you are interested in myths and legends, check out my #MythicalCreaturesMonday series which started 4/6/20. Links are also on my FB page and Twitter.

Link to Mythical Creature Monday index
Covid-19 Event Cancellation

Once Upon A Book Event

Covid19 has put everyone at a standstill, and a lot of events have been postponed or canceled. The Once Upon A Book Event in Frankenmuth, MI, I had planned on attending in July is one of them. The organizers will be pulling together something virtual, so keep your eyes on my Facebook for postings about the event. The timing will be the same as the event would have been, mid-July. 

Even though Amazon has placed books on their non-essential list, I do have a few copies on hand of all my books in the Power of Four series that I can sign and ship out! Anyone that is interested in making a purchase, just send me an email! I am also planning a giveaway during the event, so be sure to tune in!

Coming up....
AKA: What else have I gotten myself into?

Book 2 in my Paranormal Cozy series is at a standstill with all that is going on. I have been sending Book 1 in that series to agents and editors, but know it still needs a bit of work. I'm not in a hurry to have anyone ask for the whole thing quite yet. 

My garden is starting without me, and I have a really bad feeling that by the time I get out there it will be out of control! It would be really handy to know Tara from book 4 in real life, she would be a huge help!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! I hope you have been able to get outside and soak in some vitamin D. In the meantime, happy reading and stay safe! XO

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