Read about what I've been working on this month

Hey! I'm a 15 year-old student passionate about exponential technologies such as Machine Learning to solve some of the world's biggest problems. This newsletter includes what I've been up to this month and the progress I've made!

I Gave A Presentation On Bioprinting

After attending two sessions on human longevity, I formed a group with three other TKS students and we were tasked with researching bioprinting, and then giving a presentation explaining what it is, how it works, leading companies in the industry, and some of the future implications. I had an awesome time learning about printing new tissues and potentially new organs with bioink, which is what bioprinters use and it's basically just human cells suspended in a gel contaning different types of nutrients to encourage the human cells to grow into functioning tissues. I'm super excited for the future of this technology and I'll definitely be looking into this more!

I wrote an article on generating text with AI

This month, I did a lot of research into Recurrent Neural Networks, a type of neural net that works really well when you have sequential data. I trained a model on a dataset of writings by Nietzsche and used a method called sampling to generate completely new sequences of text. I explain the concept of RNNs as well as LSTMs in my article.

Check out my article here!

I attended another hackathon

This month, I had the opportunity to be a participant at Hack the Valley. I had an amazing time building relationships and working with some super cool tech. I decided to take a completely different approach and my team learned a lot working with the Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and Unity to create a Virtual Reality game that leverages hand gestures for navigation. 

What I've Been Reading

This February, I've gotten value from so many sources. It's amazing how much content and knowledge there is on the internet that's literally available 24/7. Paul Graham's essays have been especially interesting to read and I've definitely related to some of the views he expresses in his article on nerds and his observations on the state of schools. 

I wrote another article on style transfer

Last month, I gave an article on style transfer. This month, I worked on taking what I've learned and wrote an article on some of the things I found interesting about style transfer. I also included a demonstration of an android app that uses TensorFlow Lite to perform real time inference. 

Read my article here!

Using AI To Detect Sarcastic Reddit Comments

One of the projects I've started working on is using different types of machine learning architectures to analyze comments on Reddit to see whether or not they contain sarcasm. This isn't exactly an easy task since sarcasm itself is an abstract concept and there's no easy way to convey this to machines. I've been looking into Convolutional Neural Networks as well as Recurrent Neural Networks for sarcasm detection and I'll be writing an article and releasing a video on this soon!

My Next Steps for March

In February, I tried focusing on building more genuine relationships with people that I value and others that I would like to get to know more. It's amazing what happens once you connect with others that have similar goals and each person makes significant progress in self development.

In March, I'll be finishing a few more projects with artificial intelligence and then focusing on another area of exponential technology to broaden my knowledge areas and develop skills in different areas. 

February has been a month of huge realizations for me, some obvious and others not so obvious, but I'm still super grateful for the support I've gotten to help me grow as an individual. I'm going to continue to try and seek what makes me passionate and work on being authentic to find what makes me, me.

Alex Yu