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It's Day 6 of the SELF-CARE Bootcamp!

It's the weekend- woo hoo! And today is a FREESTYLE workout day. This means you can either repeat some of the workouts of your choice from this week, go to an exercise class of your choice or go for a lovely long power walk or a swim! Or, if you need to, please feel free to take today as an additional rest day- it's up to you!

There is no rise & shine audio today but you do now have access to the first EXTREME SELF-CARE audio. You don't have to listen to this today if you don't want to, although it is packed with SELF-CARE mindset gems!

CLICK HERE to listen, it is 17 minutes long.

ALSO - if you are looking for some additional inspiration, you can also now check out the BONUS psychology webinars with Gill- they are AWESOME! Please go to the Welcome page where you'll find the module.

Janey x

Don't forget, all the program content and videos are hosted on the password-protected SELF-CARE pages.

CLICK HERE for the Welcome page (password: selfcare)
and CLICK HERE for the Week 1 page which contains your Day 6 exercise links! (password: selfcare)

Todays recipe inspiration!

Today is all about one pot wonders!

to check out 33 EASY ONE POT MEALS that save on the washing up and make cooking a delicious and nutritious meal simple and stress-free!

Today's daily read!

Have you thought about what little activities you could do to bring you happiness in your life?

"At its most basic definition, self-care is any intentional action taken to meet an individual’s physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional needs. In short, it’s all the little ways we take care of ourselves to avoid a breakdown in those respective areas of health."

It might be getting a manicure, calling a friend you haven't spoken to in a while, putting your phone on aeroplane mode or walking on the grass barefoot, but whatever it is that brings you this little bit of happiness- DO IT!

CLICK HERE to find out 134 activities to add to your self-care plan.

...there's no wind down email today so I'll catch up with you tomorrow bright and early for more self-care inspiration!

Janey x

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