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February Newsletter
A Single Sexual Harassment Case Can Risk The Organization’s Public Image

A single incident of sexual harassment is enough to take down an entire organization and that has already happened multiple times. Organizations like TVF, Tehelka, and the Yoga Studio suffered due to incidents of sexual harassment in the organization. In fact, The Yoga Studio had to file for bankruptcy since the founder was unable to pay the settlement costs. Do not let your organization be next!

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Industry Insights

Antony Alex, CEO

Increasingly, organizations are realizing the importance of training their Internal Committees (“IC”). A well trained IC can provide justice to both the complainant and the respondent and adds tremendous value to the organization. What are the key skills that a well trained IC requires? Here’s a checklist of a few essential skills:

  • Problem-solving and investigation skills
  • Interviewing skills to gather testimony
  • Communication skills - reporting orally and through written means
  • Mediation skills for conciliation proceedings
  • Evidence appreciation skills
  • Order writing skills

CEO’s are now focusing on selecting candidates with seniority, credibility and a sense of fairness. The malleability of an IC member is no longer the criteria, as CEO’s realize that they are accountable to their shareholders, the Board and the public at large. Social media has lifted the veil of secrecy that surrounded cases of sexual harassment and ushered in transparency and accountability. Strong selection procedures and investing in training are a must for every organization. 

Sexual harassment is a reality today. In order to prevent sexual harassment in the organization, one must be aware of the PoSH law and its provisions.
Busting Myths Around Posh Laws

"We have very few or no female employees, therefore we don’t need to comply."

Organizations with very few or no female employees often don't comply with the PoSH law. But they are unaware that the Act makes it mandatory for every organization with more than 10 employees (whether male or female) to comply. There are absolutely no exceptions.

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