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“For greater privacy, it's best to use Bitcoin addresses only once.” ~  Satoshi Nakamoto (2009)

Market State

The price of Bitcoin continues to move towards $10000. During the last week Bitcoin has been mostly trading around $8000. However Bitcoin ended the week with a 9% gain to $8700 on Sunday within 24 hours. The overall cryptocurrency market broke $250 billion which is higher than the GDP of Egypt ($235.4 billion). The market has gained $26 billion during the Sunday’s price surge to $272 billion. Ether is up by 6% to $270 and Bitcoin Cash is up by 7,5% to $434.

The general sentiment toward cryptocurrency is optimistic. Many are waiting for the new all time high prices. Bitcoin has already reached a new all time high in Argentine pesos. More big companies are accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method or are entering the cryptocurrency market, such as Facebook’s GlobalCoin launching next year and the US telecommunication giant accepting cryptocurrency. All these events are bringing cryptocurrency closer to mainstream users. Cryptocurrency is becoming an attractive currency for investors who want to benefit from it.

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What is the type of the research paper that brought Bitcoin to the world?

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Top stories of the week
Europol Shuts Down Crypto Mixing Service Bestmixer

Dutch, Luxembourg authorities and Europol have seized and shut down one of the three largest cryptocurrency mixer services called Cryptocurrency mixers take your coin and combine it with other people’s coin. After shuffling them they send the same amount back to users. The purpose of coin mixing is to make it hard to track cryptocurrency transactions. By shuffling transactions coins appear in numerous addresses, which makes it hard to determine the real holder of a coin. Bestmixer offered to mix BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC. According to Europol press release the service started in May 2018 and has laundered at least $200 million worth of cryptocurrencies in a year. Europol stated that authorities are in possession of transaction details, IP-addresses, Bitcoin addresses and chat messages which will be analysed and shared with other countries.

Fake Trezor App Discovered On Google Play

The growth of cryptocurrency market attracts hackers into the market. A fake Trezor mobile app has been discovered on Google Play Store. The fake app is misusing the Trezor’s brand and is trying to phish users’ recovery seeds. When you download a cryptocurrency app always check on their official website if they actually have an app and use their official link to the app. Trezor is a physical hardware wallet which requires you to enter the PIN code, and recovery seeds to access the funds. Trezor confirmed the fake app didn’t have a direct threat to their users. However, it collected users’ email addresses which can be later used against Trezor users. The fake trezor app has been reported to Google’s security team and been taken down. 

AT&T Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

United States telecommunication firm AT&T announced that it would be accepting cryptocurrency for paying phone bills online through cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay. With this announcement AT&T has become the first major telecommunications company in the US to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment. AT&T vice president, Kevin McDorman stated that “We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer.” So far the crypto payment option is only for paying phone bills and is not extended to purchase mobile devices or other products. AT&T has a huge customer base, by accepting crypto payment they’re increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Craig Wright Files Bitcoin Copyright Registration

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin has filed registrations with the U.S. Copyright Office for the authorship of the Bitcoin white paper and its original code. According to Wright's spokesperson “This is the first government agency recognition that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.” However, the claim soon proved to be baseless. The US Copyright Office clarified that it doesn’t recognize Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto as it doesn’t investigate the truth of any statement made in that application. It turns out that registering a copyright is just filling a form online for fee of $55. People have been filling out the same form for the same whitepaper to show that anyone can do this. 

Facebook To Launch Its Own GlobalCoin in 2020

BBC reported that Facebook, which owns WhatsApp and Instagram, is launching its own cryptocurrency called GlobalCoin (GLC) by the first quarter of 2020. GlobalCoin will be a stablecoin which will be pegged to a basket of international fiat currencies, including the US dollar, the Japanese yen, and the euro. Testing of GlobalCoin is set to be rolled out by the end of 2019. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook has already spoken to the Bank of England, Western Union, and the US Treasury Department. However, crypto enthusiasts are not that excited about GlobalCoin, as it will be heavily controlled by Facebook and will require more of your personal data.

Brave Browser Adds BAT Tips To Twitter

Brave, the privacy focused browser is now testing a new feature that lets users tip people on Twitter with BAT token. The browser has become the third most downloaded app on Android, where users can tip verified content creators directly. If you visit Twitter using the latest desktop version of Brave browser, you will see a special tip button on each tweet along with its regular retweet and like buttons. Users just need to tap on the tip button to send a tip directly to the author of the tweet. The author will receive the funds within 5 minutes in their Brave Rewards account. If the author of a tweet isn’t verified, they will have 90 days to register themselves if not, the funds will return to the sender.

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Crypto word of the week

Coinjoin is a privacy solution for crypto transactions. It combines different payments from different users into single big transaction. Coinjoin is also known as coin mixing.

Quiz answer

What is the type of the research paper that brought Bitcoin to the world?

The correct answer is “C”.

White Paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. The Bitcoin White Paper is 9 pages long and it’s called: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. It’s a brief description of the crypto project, the purpose of the cryptocurrency and the problem that the currency is intending to solve.  The document is available in 20 languages including Hungarian here.

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